ゴウ, ガッ, カッ, あ.う, -あ.う, あ.い, あい-, -あ.い, -あい, あ.わす, あ.わせる, -あ.わせる, あん, い, か, こう, ごお, に, ね, や, り, わい
fit, suit, join, 0.1

This kanji has 6 strokes: 2 in the "person" radical (ひと) and 4 other strokes.

Sample compounds (178) :

  1. あう
    to fit, to suit, to agree with, to match, to be correct, to be profitable
  2. わす
    to join together, to face, to unite, to be opposite, to combine, to connect, to add up, to mix, to match, to overlap, to compare, to check with
  3. わせる
    to join together, to be opposite, to face, to unite, to combine, to connect, to add up, to mix, to match, to overlap, to compare, to check with

  4. ごういつ
    unification, union, oneness

  5. ゆり

  6. ごうひ
    success or failure, result

  7. ごうさつ
    collection in one volume
  8. わせる
    to arrange, to make an appointment, to agree upon

  9. がっぽん
    collection in one volume

  10. であう
    to meet by chance, to come across, to happen to encounter, to hold a rendezvous, to have a date

  11. だしあう
    to contribute jointly

  12. むきあう
    to be opposite, to face each other

  13. むかいあう
    (io) to be opposite, to face each other
  14. かいわせる
    to face, to confront, to be opposite to

  15. あいじるし
    comradeship badge

  16. しあう
    to do together

  17. はげみあう
    to vie with another

  18. のりあい
    bus, stagecoach, riding together, fellow passenger, joint partnership

  19. あいのり
    riding together
  20. わす
    to happen to ride together, to share a vehicle
  21. わせ
    superposition (physics)

  22. りくごう
    the universe, the cosmos
  23. わせ
    fitting things back to back, agreement of minds

  24. かごう
    (vs) chemical combination
  25. わせ
    happiness, good fortune, luck, blessing

  26. つけあわせ
    perfect occlusion, vegetable relish with meat

  27. つきあう
    to associate with, to keep company with, to get on with
  28. わせる
    to add to

  29. かわりあう
    to relieve each other, to take turns

  30. にあい
    (a-no) well-matched, becoming, suitable
  31. わしい
    well-matched, suitable, becoming

  32. かいごう
    meeting, assembly

  33. がっさく
    (vs) collaboration, joint work

  34. へいごう
    merge, join into one, annexation, absorption

  35. ごうへい
    (ok) combination, union, amalgamation, consolidation, merger, coalition, fusion, annexation, affiliation, incorporation

  36. かかりあい
    unfortunate relationship

  37. もちあい

  38. もやう
    (arch) to co-operate (in enterprises), to hold in common, to share
  39. わせる
    to make up for

  40. へいごう
    annexation, amalgamation, merger

  41. かねあい
    (vs) equilibrium, good balance, poise

  42. ごうどう
    combination, incorporation, union, amalgamation, fusion, congruence

  43. きりあい
    crossing swords, fighting with swords, cutting each other (in fighting)

  44. わりあい
    rate, ratio, proportion, comparatively, contrary to expectations

  45. ごうりょく
    resultant force, co-operation, Herculean strength
  46. わせ
    test of strength

  47. ころあい
    suitable time, propriety, moderation

  48. がてん
    (vs) consent, assent, understanding, agreement, comprehension, grasp
  49. りがわない
    to be unable to cooperate

  50. がっしょう
    (vs) chorus, singing in a chorus

  51. かみあう
    to gear (engage) with, to be in gear (mesh), to bite each other

  52. あいず
    (vs) sign, signal
  53. せる
    (vt) to make amends, to compensate for, to make up for

  54. ばあい
    case, situation
  55. この
    in this case
  56. による
    to depend (on the situation), to be handled case by case
  57. そのには
    in that case

  58. がっぺき
    neighbor with just a wall between

  59. がっそう
    (vs) concert, ensemble
  60. 宿
    (vs) lodging together, training camp, boarding house

  61. よりあい
    a meeting

  62. ごうけん
  63. わせる
    to happen to be present

  64. ぐあい
    condition, state, manner, health

  65. ごうしき
    formal, regular, valid, categorical

  66. ひきあい
    reference, comparison, witness, deal
  67. せる
    (io) to introduce, to compare

  68. ひきあう
    to pay, to be profitable
  69. わせる
    to introduce, to compare

  70. はりあう
    to rival, to compete with
  71. わせる
    to rendezvous, to meet at a prearranged place and time

  72. あいにく
  73. いの
    door between the rooms

  74. あいのて
    (io) interlude, accompaniment, sideshow, strain of music
  75. いの
    interlude, accompaniment, sideshow, strain of music
  76. わせ
    game, contest, bout

  77. うちあわせ
    business meeting, previous arrangement, appointment
  78. わせ
    business meeting, previous arrangement, appointment
  79. せる
    to knock together, to arrange
  80. わせる
    to knock together, to arrange

  81. おりあう
    to compromise

  82. ごうほう

  83. おしあう
    to jostle, to crowd, to haggle
  84. せる
    to happen to have on hand

  85. ふりあい
    consideration, comparison, usage, custom

  86. ふりあい
    consideration, comparison, usage, custom
  87. かり
    to have dealings with, to be involved in
  88. わせる
    to negotiate, to multiply, to cross breed
  89. せる
    to adjust, to arrange

  90. すれあう
    to rub against, to chafe, to quarrel

  91. あんごう

  92. あいふだ

  93. ごうはん
    veneer board, plywood, joint publication
  94. わせ
    veneer board, plywood

  95. きょうごう
    (vs) collation, examining and comparing

  96. あいぼう

  97. うたあわせ
    poetry contest

  98. うたいあう
    to sing responsively

  99. ごうかん
    enjoying pleasure together

  100. ぶあい
    rate, ratio, commission, percentage, poundage

  101. せいごう
    adjustment, coordination, integration, conformity

  102. なぐりあい

  103. きあい
    scream, yell, fighting spirit

  104. おきあい
    coast, the offing

  105. ごうほう
    (an) legal, lawful, legality

  106. ごうりゅう
    (vs) confluence, union, linking up, merge

  107. こんごう
    (vs) mixing, mixture
  108. せる
    to mix

  109. とけあう
    to melt together

  110. うけあう
    to take on a task and guarantee success

  111. ごうり
  112. わせ
    combination platter
  113. わせ
    joint, seam

  114. ぐあい
    condition, state, manner, health

  115. にらみあう
    to glare at each other

  116. しりあい

  117. しりあい
  118. せる
    to arrange beforehand, to make a sign to each other

  119. ごうし
    (vs) enshrining together

  120. ごうさい
    (vs) enshrining together

  121. ふごう
    (vs) agreeing, coincidence

  122. あいじるし
    comradeship badge

  123. すじあい
    reason, right

  124. きゅうごう
    rally, muster

  125. くみあわせ

  126. くみあわす
    to combine, to dovetail together
  127. わせ

  128. からみあう
    to be(come) intertwined, to be entangled

  129. とうごう
    (vs) integration, unification, synthesis
  130. せる
    to tie, to correlate
  131. せる
    to joint together, to patch together
  132. せる
    to knead together
  133. わせる
    to sew up (together)
  134. わす
    to make time, to arrange matters

  135. かっぱ
    pluvial, raincoat

  136. とりあう
    to take each other's hands, to compete, to respond

  137. れんごう
    combination, union

  138. はだあい
    disposition, temperament

  139. ありあわせ
    (a-no) anything available, on hand, ready

  140. あいふく
    spring or fall wear

  141. がっち
    agreement, concurrence, conforming to

  142. いろあい
    hue, tinge, tint

  143. がっちょ
    joint authorship
  144. わせなう
    to carry on together, to do at the same time

  145. ふくごう
    (vs) composite, complex

  146. みあう
    to exchange glances, to correspond, to counterbalance

  147. ふれあい

  148. ふれあう
    to come into contact with, to touch (each other)

  149. いいあう
    to quarrel

  150. いいあい
    quarrel, dispute

  151. はなしあう
    to discuss, to talk together

  152. しあい
    match, game, bout, contest
  153. 調
    tuning (music)
  154. 調わす
    to tune to, to check against

  155. ゆずりあう
    to give and take, to make mutual concessions, to compromise

  156. ごうし
    (vs) joint stocks, entering into partnership

  157. こみあう
    to be crowded

  158. めぐりあい
    chance meeting

  159. げいごう
    flattery, ingratiation

  160. ごうきん

  161. あいくぎ
    double-pointed nail

  162. つりあい
    balance, equilibrium

  163. つりあい
    balance, equilibrium
  164. わせ
    bumping of heads, encounter, running into someone

  165. あいかぎ
    pass key, duplicate key, master key

  166. といあわせ
    enquiry, ENQ
  167. わせ
    enquiry, ENQ

  168. まにあわせ
  169. わせる
    to make do, to manage (with something), to make shift
  170. せる
    to make inquiries, to refer to

  171. となりあう
    (io) to adjoin each other, to sit side by side
  172. わせ
    (a-no) adjoining each other

  173. しゅうごう
    (vs) gathering, assembly, meeting, set (math)

  174. くもあい
    look of the sky

  175. おとあわせ
    (musical) tuning

  176. かおあわせ
    (vs) meeting together, introduction
  177. わせる
    to meet, to face someone

  178. なれあい
    collusion, conspiracy, illicit intercourse, liaison
Kanji Character : 合
Kuten Encoding : 2571
SJIS Encoding : 3967
Unicode Encoding : 5408
Old Nelson Index : 383
Radical Number : 9
Classical Radical Number : 30
Frequency Ranking : 39
Gakken Index : 46
Grade Level : 2
Halpern Index : 2019
Heisig Index : 253
Henshall Index : 121
New Nelson Index : 715
O'Neil Index : 270
Stroke Count : 6
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji Dictionary Index : 2a4.18
Spahn & Hadamitzky Radical Strokes : 2
Spahn & Hadamitzky Other Strokes : 4
Spahn & Hadamitzky Character ID : a
Spahn & Hadamitzky kanji Number : 18
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji & Kana Index : 159
SKIP Code : 2-2-4
De Roo Code : 2877
Four Corner Code : 8060.1
Korean reading : hab
Pinyin reading : he2
Morohashi Index String : 3287
Morohashi Volume and Page String : 2.0795
Morohashi Index Number : 3287
Morohashi Page : 795
Morohashi Volume : 2
Dictionary Codes
  1. R2877

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