キ, ケ, いき
spirit, mind

This kanji has 6 strokes: 4 in the "spirit" radical (きがまえ) and 2 other strokes.

Sample compounds (138) :

  1. どり
    affectation, pretension
  2. まま
    willfulness, selfishness, one's own way
  3. がつく
    to notice, to become aware, to perceive, to realize
  4. がある
    to have an interest (in something), to feel inclined (toward doing something)
  5. きかん
    (an) daring, unyielding
  6. だるい
    languid, listless
  7. になる
    to be on one's mind, to worry one, to feel uneasy, to be anxious, to feel inclined
  8. のない
    indifferent, half-hearted, dispirited
  9. まぐれ
    (an) whim, caprice, whimsy, fickle, moody, uneven temper
  10. をつける
    to be careful, to pay attention, to take care
  11. したい
    (vs) feeling like doing

  12. いっきに
    at once, at a breath (stroke, sitting)

  13. てんき
    weather, the elements, fine weather

  14. おてんき
    temper, mood

  15. へいき
    (an) coolness, calmness, composure, unconcern

  16. しょうき
    true character, true heart, true spirit, sanity, consciousness, soberness

  17. のんき
    (an) carefree, optimistic, careless, reckless, heedless

  18. わるぎ
    ill-will, malice, evil intent, ill feeling, distrust

  19. ちゅうき
    palsy, paralysis

  20. ほんき
    seriousness, truth, sanctity

  21. のんき
    (an) carefree, optimistic, careless, reckless, heedless

  22. きじょう
    (an) stout-hearted, firm

  23. あぶなげ
    possibility of danger

  24. さいき

  25. げんき
    (an) health(y), robust, vigor, energy, vitality, vim, stamina, spirit, courage, pep

  26. あわれげ
    (an) sad, sorrowful, pensive
  27. わる
    to change one's mind

  28. ごうき
    sturdy spirit

  29. ひとけ
    sign of life

  30. きか
    (vs) vaporization

  31. ほとけぎ
    compassionate heart

  32. きづく
    to notice, to become aware of, to perceive, to realize

  33. きをつけ
    (Stand to) attention!
  34. ける
    to be careful, to pay attention, to take care

  35. きやすめ
    soothing, consolation

  36. きをやすめ
    (Stand) at ease!

  37. きあい
    scream, yell, fighting spirit
  38. なし
    unintentional, with calmness, casually

  39. きょうき
    chivalrous spirit

  40. ぞっけ
    vulgarity, worldliness, worldly ambition

  41. きにいる
    to be pleased with, to suit

  42. おきにいり
    favorite, pet
  43. のよい
    lavish, profuse

  44. きがね
    (vs) hesitance, diffidence, feeling constraint, fear of troubling someone, having scruples about doing something

  45. れいき
    cold, chill, cold weather, cold wave, cold air

  46. よわき
    (an) timid, faint-hearted, bearish sentiment

  47. きりょく
    willpower, energy, vitality

  48. ゆうき
    courage, bravery, valour, nerve, boldness

  49. つとめぎ
    mercenary spirit

  50. しょうき
    affectation, desire to be impressive

  51. けだるい
    languid, listless

  52. こうき
    bad breath, intimation

  53. きゅうき

  54. あっけ
    taken aback, dumbfounded

  55. きみ
    sensation, feeling

  56. かたぎ
    (an) honest, respectable

  57. しおけ

  58. がいき
    open air

  59. けんき

  60. いやき
    dislike, disgust, tired of

  61. きがく
    Fortune telling based on Chinese twelve year cycle

  62. きう
    breadth of mind

  63. あんき
    ease, comfort, feeling at home

  64. かんき
    cold, frost
  65. さい
    be timid

  66. きこう
    (MA) breathing exercise, breath control, spirit cultivation, chi kung, qigong

  67. きにすわる
    to offend

  68. きおくれ
    (vs) nervous, timid

  69. きごころ
    temper, disposition

  70. しんき

  71. どき
    anger, wrath

  72. きしょう
    disposition, temperament

  73. のろける
    to play up, to speak fondly of, to praise one's spouse

  74. だき
    indolence, listlessness

  75. きもち
    feeling, sensation, mood
  76. ガス
    exhaust fumes
  77. かり
    anxiety, concern, worry

  78. かんき

  79. しょき
    hot weather, sunstroke, heat stroke

  80. だんき
    warmth, warm weather

  81. きがまえ

  82. みずけ
    moisture, dampness

  83. かっき
    energy, liveliness

  84. しゅき
    liquor smell, tipsiness

  85. きがすむ
    to be satisfied
  86. 湿

  87. かき

  88. ねっき
    heat, hot air, enthusiasm

  89. きょうき

  90. きがくるう
    to go mad, to go crazy

  91. ききゅう

  92. ずいき
    good omen

  93. きづかれ
    mental fatigue, worry, boredom

  94. びょうき
    illness, disease, sickness

  95. たんき
    (an) quick temper

  96. きがみじかい
    to be quick-tempered, to have little patience
  97. インク
    magnetic ink
  98. ディスク
    magnetic disk
  99. いた
    sensible, clever, smart, decent, tasteful

  100. しゅうき
    autumn (fall) air

  101. うつりぎ
    (an) whim, frivolity, fickleness, inconstant, capriciousness

  102. ちき
    childishness, naivete

  103. くうき
    air, atmosphere

  104. きだて
    disposition, nature

  105. きがたつ
    to be excited about, to get all worked up about

  106. ねばりけ

  107. きまぐれ
    (an) whim, caprice, whimsy, fickle, moody, uneven temper

  108. きぜつ
    (vs) faint, swoon

  109. ぎき
    chivalry, heroism

  110. きどる
    to affect, to put on airs

  111. きほう
    bladder, vesicle

  112. おぼろげ

  113. きそく
    breathing, breath

  114. いろけ
    interest in the opposite sex, sex appeal, glamor, a shade of colour, colouring, sexual passion, romance, poetry, desire, seductiveness, charm, sensuality

  115. きしょく
    mood, humor, looks, countenance

  116. けっき
    vigor, ardor, ardour, vigour

  117. ごき
    tone, manner of speaking
  118. けん
    competitive spirit, spirit of rivalry

  119. かたぎ
    spirit, character, trait

  120. つうき
    ventilation, airflow

  121. きどう
    respiratory tract, air duct

  122. きうん
    luck, tendency, opportunity, trend

  123. きづかい
    fear, worry, solicitude

  124. きをつかう
    to pay attention to another's needs

  125. きくばり
    (vs) care, attentiveness, attention, consideration

  126. えいき
    courage, ardour, high spirits

  127. きなが
    patient, leisurely

  128. ようき
    (an) season, weather, cheerfulness
  129. しい
    hard to please, moody, crusty, fastidious

  130. うき
    signs of rain, threatening to rain

  131. でんき
    electricity, (electric) light

  132. いき
    spirit, heart, disposition

  133. きふう
    character, traits, ethos

  134. くいけ
  135. わない
    to be unable to stomach

  136. かざりけ
    affectation, showing off

  137. こうき

  138. きこつ
    (moral) backbone, spirit, soul, grit
Kanji Character : 気
Kuten Encoding : 2104
SJIS Encoding : 3524
Unicode Encoding : 6c17
Old Nelson Index : 2480
Radical Number : 84
Frequency Ranking : 69
Gakken Index : 77
Grade Level : 1
Halpern Index : 3194
Heisig Index : 1885
Henshall Index : 11
New Nelson Index : 3025
O'Neil Index : 319
Stroke Count : 6
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji Dictionary Index : 0a6.8
Spahn & Hadamitzky Radical Strokes : 0
Spahn & Hadamitzky Other Strokes : 6
Spahn & Hadamitzky Character ID : a
Spahn & Hadamitzky kanji Number : 8
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji & Kana Index : 134
SKIP Code : 3-4-2
De Roo Code : 2356
Four Corner Code : 8041.7
Korean reading : gi
Pinyin reading : qi4
Morohashi Index String : 17046P
Morohashi Volume and Page String : 6.0846
Morohashi Index Number : 17046
Morohashi Page : 846
Morohashi Volume : 6
Morohashi entry is Prime : true
Missclassification Codes
  1. PP2-2-4
Cross Index Codes
  1. J05D66
  2. J14949
Dictionary Codes
  1. R2356

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