ニュウ, ニッ, い.る, -い.る, -い.り, い.れる, -い.れ, はい.る, はま.る, いる, に, の, りり
enter, insert

This kanji is also known as the "enter" radical (いる), which has 2 strokes.

Sample compounds (153) :

  1. じゅ
    go in

  2. はいる
    to enter, to break into, to join, to enroll, to contain, to hold, to accommodate, to have (an income of)

  3. いり
    entering, setting (of the sun), audience, capacity, income, beginning

  4. いれ
    container, receptacle
  5. ごみ
    trashcan, rubbish bin
  6. メスをれる
    to operate, to clean up, to inquire (into), to take drastic measures

  7. ひとしお
    still more, especially

  8. ふいり
    small attendance, poor house

  9. もうしいれ
    proposal, offer, report, proposition, notice

  10. もうしいれ
    proposal, offer, report, proposition, notice

  11. しゅつにゅう
    in & out, income & expenses, free associations, run of the house

  12. だしいれ
    deposit and withdraw, taking in and out

  13. にゅうらい
    august visit, arrival

  14. のりいれ
    driving into

  15. のりいる
    to ride into (a place), to drive into (a place)
  16. れる
    to ride into (a place), to drive into (a place), extend (a line into a city)

  17. いりまじり
    to mix with, to be mixed
  18. じる
    (vi) to mix with, to be mixed

  19. にゅうきょう
    entering the capital

  20. しいれ
    stocking, buying up
  21. わる
    (vi) to change places, to relieve one another
  22. わせる
    to make up for

  23. ねにり
    (an) careful, elaborate

  24. にゅうねんに
    with scrupulous care

  25. ねんいれ
    care, scrupulousness, conscientiousness

  26. しんにゅう
    (vs) penetration, invasion, raid, aggression, trespass

  27. にゅうしん
    entering the faith

  28. くらいれ
  29. れる
    to borrow, to rent, to lease, to charter

  30. せんにゅう
    preconception, prejudice
  31. 輿
    wedding, bridal procession, marriage into a family

  32. かりいれ

  33. きりいる
    to cut into, to raid
  34. れる
    to call in

  35. にゅうりょく
    (vs) input
  36. れる
    to put forth effort

  37. かにゅう
    (vs) becoming a member, joining, entry, admission, subscription, affiliation, adherence, signing

  38. さんにゅう
    (vs) coming, visiting, going

  39. しゅうにゅう
    income, receipts, revenue

  40. いりぐち
    entrance, gate, approach, mouth

  41. いりぐち
    entrance, gate, approach, mouth
  42. れる
    to throw in a suggestion

  43. きゅうにゅう
  44. れる
    to call in, to invite, to bring in

  45. にゅうえい
    entering the barracks, enlistment

  46. にゅうだん

  47. にゅうじょう
    entrance, admission, entering

  48. しおいれ
    salt shaker
  49. 婿
    man who takes his wife's name
  50. 婿
    man who takes his wife's name

  51. よめいり
    (vs) marriage, wedding

  52. にゅうがく
    entry to school or university, matriculation

  53. にゅうじょう
    Zen contemplation

  54. にゅうじゃく
    death of a priest, nirvana, spiritual liberty

  55. ふうにゅう
    (vs) enclose (in letter)

  56. どうにゅう
    (vs) introduction, bringing in, leading in

  57. せめいる
    to invade

  58. にゅうこう
    (vs) paying tribute

  59. にゅうふ
    entering the metropolitan area

  60. にゅうこ
    warehousing, storing, entering the car barn

  61. にっとう
    visit to China
  62. くわ
    ground-breaking ceremony
  63. れる
    to drag into, to win over

  64. わんにゅう

  65. おそれいる
    to be filled with awe, to feel small, to be amazed, to be surprised, to be disconcerted, to be sorry, to be grateful, to be defeated, to confess guilt

  66. ごにゅう
    (vs) entering (Buddhist) enlightenment

  67. にゅうしょ
    entrance, admission, imprisonment, internment

  68. ていれ
    repairs, maintenance
  69. れる
    to obtain, to procure

  70. とうにゅう
    (vs) throw, investment

  71. おしいれ

  72. おしいれ

  73. そうにゅう
    (vs) insertion, incorporation, infixing

  74. いれかく
    called off
  75. える
    to replace, to substitute, to shift, to change places
  76. げる
    to lavish money on

  77. はんにゅう
    (vs) take in, bring in
  78. れる
    to count, to include in the number

  79. しんにゅう
    newly arrived, joined, newly-entered

  80. いりひ
    setting sun, evening sun

  81. ひのいり
  82. わる
    (vi) to change places, to relieve one another
  83. わる
    (vi) to change places, to relieve (one another)

  84. いりあい

  85. にゅうこう

  86. にゅうきょ
    entering a dock

  87. にゅうしょく
    settlement, immigration

  88. さいにゅう
    annual revenue or income

  89. いれげ
    false hair, switch

  90. きにいる
    to be pleased with, to suit

  91. おきにいり
    favorite, pet

  92. じゅすい
    suicide by drowning, drowning oneself

  93. いりえ
    inlet, cove, creek, bay

  94. いりなみ
    incoming wave

  95. ちゅうにゅう
    (vs) pouring, injection

  96. いりうみ
    bay, inlet, gulf, creek

  97. いりうみ
    bay, inlet, gulf, creek

  98. いりびたる
    to seep in, to stay long

  99. りゅうにゅう
    afflux, influx
  100. じる
    (vi) to mix with, to be mixed
  101. ぜる
    (vt) to mix

  102. にゅうこう
    (vs) entry into port

  103. すべりいる
    to slide into

  104. うけいれ
    receiving, acceptance

  105. いれもの
    container, case, receptacle

  106. いれもの
    container, case, receptacle

  107. にゅうよう
    need, requirement, demand, necessity

  108. にゅうかん

  109. いれめ
    artificial eye

  110. にゅうさつ

  111. にゅうしゃ
    (vs) entry to a company

  112. いにゅう
    (vs) importation, ingression, migration, transfection

  113. とつにゅう
    (vs) rushing, breaking into

  114. にゅうせき
    (vs) entry in family register

  115. のうにゅう
    (vs) payment, supply

  116. いりくむ
    to be or become complicated
  117. 綿
    cotton padding

  118. へんにゅう
    (vs) admission, incorporation
  119. れる
    to purchase, to buy in
  120. れる
    to insert, to put in

  121. とりいる
    to make up to
  122. れる
    to carry in
  123. れる
    to be jumbled together

  124. いりふね
    incoming ship, ship's arrival

  125. にゅうえん
    entering the garden

  126. にゅうか
    (vs) arrival of goods, goods received

  127. おちいる
    to cave in, to collapse

  128. うちいる
    to break into (a house to kill the master), to raid

  129. にゅうひ

  130. にゅうしち

  131. いれじち

  132. こうにゅう
    (vs) purchase, buy

  133. にゅうちょう
    excess of imports
  134. れる
    to walk in on, to tread upon

  135. にゅうしゃ
    incident, incidence

  136. ゆにゅう
    (vs) importation, import, introduction

  137. いりこむ
    to go into, to come into, to penetrate, to become complicated

  138. しんにゅう
    penetration, entry

  139. いれちがい
    passing each other

  140. にゅうせん
    chosen (in a competition)

  141. にゅうもん
    primer, manual, entering an institute, introduction to
  142. れる
    to grant (a wish), to accede, to comply with

  143. ちんにゅう
    (vs) intrusion, forced entry

  144. にゅういん
    (vs) hospitalization

  145. にゅうでん
    telegram received
  146. れる
    to make a deposit

  147. くいいる
    to eat into

  148. じゅっこん

  149. じっこん

  150. いれずみ
    (vs) tattoo

  151. いれば
    false tooth, denture

  152. はいれ
    repairing clogs

  153. いれば
    false tooth, denture
Kanji Character : 入
Kuten Encoding : 3894
SJIS Encoding : 467e
Unicode Encoding : 5165
Old Nelson Index : 574
Radical Number : 11
Frequency Ranking : 82
Gakken Index : 74
Grade Level : 1
Halpern Index : 3370
Heisig Index : 779
Henshall Index : 63
New Nelson Index : 366
O'Neil Index : 15
Stroke Count : 2
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji Dictionary Index : 0a2.3
Spahn & Hadamitzky Radical Strokes : 0
Spahn & Hadamitzky Other Strokes : 2
Spahn & Hadamitzky Character ID : a
Spahn & Hadamitzky kanji Number : 3
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji & Kana Index : 52
SKIP Code : 4-2-4
De Roo Code : 3562
Four Corner Code : 8000.0
Korean reading : ib
Pinyin reading : ru4
Morohashi Index String : 1415
Morohashi Volume and Page String : 1.1037
Morohashi Index Number : 1415
Morohashi Page : 1037
Morohashi Volume : 1
Missclassification Codes
  1. PP3-1-1
Dictionary Codes
  1. R3562

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