ケン, み.る, み.える, み.せる
see, hopes, chances, idea, opinion, look at, visible

This kanji is also known as the "see" radical (みる), which has 7 strokes.

Sample compounds (118) :

  1. みえ
    show, display, appearance, vanity, charm, attraction
  2. やる
    to gaze, to stare at
  3. つめる
    (uk) to stare at, to gaze at, to look hard at, to watch intently, to fix one's eyes on
  4. つかる
    (uk) to be found, to be discovered
  5. くびる
    to underrate, to belittle, to look down on, to despise
  6. かける
    to (happen to) see, to notice, to catch sight of
  7. あたる
    to find, to come across
  8. とれてる
    to be fascinated by, to be charmed with
  9. せかける
    to pretend, to feign
  10. せびらかす
    to show off, to flaunt
  11. まじまじと
    to take a long hard look at something

  12. いっけん
    (vs) a look, a glimpse, first meeting, glance

  13. したみ
    preview, preliminary inspection, siding (on a house)
  14. ろす
    to overlook, to command a view of, to look down on something
  15. げる
    to look down over, to look down on

  16. みほん

  17. みだす
    to find out

  18. みむく
    to look around, to look towards (us)
  19. こう

  20. ひっけん
    worth seeing, a must-see

  21. まるみえ
    completely visible

  22. みうしなう
    to lose sight of, to miss

  23. みけん
    (a-no) unacquainted, unknown
  24. りが
    (vs) comparing unfavorably (poorly) with, being not so good as

  25. りょうけん
    idea, thought, intention, inclination, motive, decision, discretion, forgiveness, toleration

  26. みごと
    (an) splendid, magnificent, beautiful, admirable

  27. たけん
    viewing by others, showing others
  28. かる
    (uk) to be found, to be discovered
  29. ける
    to display, to show

  30. みあう
    to exchange glances, to correspond, to counterbalance

  31. ぞっけん
    popular view, laymen's opinion

  32. かたよりみる
    to show partiality

  33. みわけ

  34. みごろ
    best time to see

  35. みなおし
    review, reconsideration
  36. げる
    to look up at, to raise one's eyes, to admire
  37. める
    to find fault with, to question

  38. けんち
    point of view
  39. 姿
    dresser, full-length mirror

  40. みまもる
    to watch over, to watch attentively

  41. けんとう
    be found, aim, mark, estimate, guess, approx, direction
  42. たる
    to be found
  43. ける
    to make sure of, to assure oneself of, to see with one's own eyes, to ascertain

  44. いんけん
    (vs) audience, interview

  45. かたみ
    memento, souvenir

  46. こうけん
    guardianship, guardian
  47. かにえる
    to be seen dimly
  48. れる
    to be fascinated (by), to watch something in fascination, to be charmed

  49. みぬく
    to see through

  50. はいけん
    (vs) (hum) (pol) seeing, look at
  51. てる
    to abandon, to fail, to desert

  52. せっけん

  53. みせかけ
    seeming, pose
  54. ける
    to (happen to) see, to notice, to catch sight of

  55. みそこなう
    to misjudge, to mistake, to miss seeing
  56. ねる
    to miss seeing

  57. さんけん
    (vs) being seen here & there
  58. によっては
    depending on one's point of view

  59. みはなす
    to desert, to abandon, to give up

  60. みばえ
    show, display, appearance, vanity, charm, attraction
  61. らす
    to command a view

  62. つきみ
    viewing the moon

  63. みばえ
    show, display, appearance, vanity, charm, attraction
  64. をはる
    to be pretentious, to put on airs

  65. うめみ
    plum-blossom viewing
  66. める
    to see through, to probe, to make sure of

  67. みごろし
    letting (someone) die without helping

  68. せんけん
    shallow view, superficial idea
  69. ます
    to observe carefully, to make sure

  70. けんぶつ
    (vs) sightseeing

  71. みざる
    see-not monkey

  72. ぼうけん
    (vs) watching from afar

  73. ぬすみみる
    to steal a glance

  74. みため

  75. ちけん
    diagnosis, opinion, knowledge
  76. もる
    to estimate
  77. てる
    to choose, to select

  78. みおさめ
    last (farewell) look

  79. みくびる
    to underrate, to belittle, to look down on, to despise

  80. みならい
    (io) learn by observation, apprentice

  81. みならう
    to follow another's example

  82. わきみ
    looking aside

  83. おみまい
    calling on someone who is ill, enquiry

  84. みまい
    enquiry, expression of sympathy, expression of concern

  85. はなみ
    (vs) cherry-blossom viewing, flower viewing

  86. おはなみ
    (vs) cherry-blossom viewing, flower viewing

  87. みおとし

  88. ゆめをみる
    to dream

  89. みすみす
    (uk) before one's own eyes, from under one's very nose

  90. みすみす
    (uk) before one's own eyes, from under one's very nose

  91. みるみる
    very fast, in a twinkle

  92. みるみる
    very fast, in a twinkle

  93. みおぼえ
    remembrance, recollection, recognition

  94. けんかい
    opinion, point of view
  95. らう
    to choose at one's own discretion
  96. める
    (uk) to stare at, to gaze at, to look hard at, to watch intently, to fix one's eyes on

  97. みあやまる
    to mistake s'one for s'one else, to misread

  98. びゅうけん

  99. しきけん
    views, opinion, discernment, pride, self-respect, insight
  100. べる
    to compare with the eye

  101. みこみ
    hope, prospects, expectation

  102. みかえし
    look back over the shoulder, triumph over, inside the cover

  103. みかえす
    to look (stare) back at, to triumph over

  104. みのがす
    to miss, to overlook, to leave at large

  105. みおくり
    seeing one off, farewell, escort

  106. みえすく
    to be transparent

  107. みとおし
    perspective, unobstructed view, outlook, forecast, prospect, insight

  108. みとおす
    to see without obstruction, to forecast, to predict
  109. れる
    to overlook, to fail to recognize
  110. ごす
    to let go by, to let pass, to overlook, to miss

  111. とおみ
    watchtower, distant view

  112. みひらき
    two pages opposite each other

  113. けんぶん
    (vs) information, observation

  114. みつける
    to be familiar, to discover, to find fault, to detect, to find out, to locate

  115. ゆきみ
    snow viewing

  116. ろけん
    discovery, detection, exposure

  117. いけん
    opinion, view

  118. こうけん
    watching with detachment
Kanji Character : 見
Kuten Encoding : 2411
SJIS Encoding : 382b
Unicode Encoding : 898b
Old Nelson Index : 4284
Radical Number : 147
Frequency Ranking : 45
Gakken Index : 48
Grade Level : 1
Halpern Index : 2544
Heisig Index : 57
Henshall Index : 18
New Nelson Index : 5522
O'Neil Index : 518
Stroke Count : 7
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji Dictionary Index : 5c2.1
Spahn & Hadamitzky Radical Strokes : 5
Spahn & Hadamitzky Other Strokes : 2
Spahn & Hadamitzky Character ID : c
Spahn & Hadamitzky kanji Number : 1
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji & Kana Index : 63
SKIP Code : 2-5-2
De Roo Code : 3957
Four Corner Code : 6021.0
Korean reading : hyeon
Pinyin reading : xian4
Morohashi Index String : 34796
Morohashi Volume and Page String : 10.0316
Morohashi Index Number : 34796
Morohashi Page : 316
Morohashi Volume : 10
Dictionary Codes
  1. R3957

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