フ, つ.ける, -つ.ける, -づ.ける, つ.け, つ.け-, -つ.け, -づ.け, -づけ, つ.く, -づ.く, つ.き, -つ.き, -つき, -づ.き, -づき
adhere, attach, refer to, append

This kanji has 5 strokes: 2 in the "person" radical (ひと) and 3 other strokes.

Sample compounds (180) :

  1. (vs) giving to, submitting to, refer to, affix, append

  2. つけ
    fixed, bill, bill of sale

  3. つき
    (suf) attached to, impression, sociality, appearance, furnished with, under, to
  4. ける
    (vt) to attach, to join, to stick, to glue, to fasten, to sew on, to furnish (a house with), to wear, to put on, to make an entry, to appraise, to set (a price), to apply (ointment), to bring alongside, to place (under guard or doctor), to follow, to shadow, to add, to append, to affix, to load, to give (courage to), to keep (an eye on), to establish (relations or understanding)
  5. かたり
    addition, accessory, appendage, supplement, appendix, complement, excuse
  6. へばり
    to cling to
  7. やっける
    to beat
  8. くっける
    to attach
  9. しがみ
    (uk) to cling
  10. ける
    to order, to instruct

  11. つけだす
    to charge

  12. ふひょう
    attached list

  13. おもてつき
  14. ける
    to call frequently
  15. ける
    to ride up to, to get used to riding

  16. おくづけ

  17. こうふ
    (vs) delivering, furnishing (with copies)

  18. うらづき
    lined, something lined
  19. ける
    to support, to endorse, to substantiate

  20. ひとづき
  21. ける
    to be used to a job, to begin to do, to baste, to tack, to plant
  22. かる
    to receive a command
  23. かわしい
    suitable, appropriate, becoming

  24. ふかい
    add to, twist the meaning

  25. つけあわせ
    perfect occlusion, vegetable relish with meat

  26. つきあう
    to associate with, to keep company with, to get on with
  27. わせる
    to add to

  28. ただしづき
    (a-no) conditional

  29. さくづけ

  30. つくりつけ
  31. かにけて
    one way or another

  32. そなえつけ
    equipment, provision

  33. そなえつけ
    equipment, provision

  34. きずつく
    to be hurt, to be wounded, to get injured
  35. くで
    for investment, to make money
  36. くで
    for investment, to make money

  37. さきづけ
    dating forward

  38. しみつく
    to freeze to, to be frozen to

  39. こおりつく
    to freeze to, to be frozen to

  40. いてつく
    (vi) to freeze

  41. こごえつく
    to freeze to, to be frozen to

  42. つききり
    constant attendance (by a doctor)
  43. ける
    to cut at, to slash at
  44. きっ
    constant attendance, uninterrupted supervision
  45. ける
    to engrave, to carve out

  46. わりつけ
    allotment, assignment, allocation, distribution, layout, editing
  47. ける
    to allot, to distribute, to lay out, to divide among, to assign
  48. ける
    to allot, to distribute, to lay out, to divide among, to assign

  49. ちからづく
    by force, forcibly, with all one's might, to recover one's strength, to recover one's spirit, to revive, to be refreshed, to be invigorated, to be encouraged

  50. ふか
    (vs) addition, annexation, appendage
  51. える
    to add one thing to another

  52. かんづく
    (uk) to suspect, to sense, to scent

  53. いきおいづく
    to gather strength

  54. うわつく
    (uk) to be fickle, to be restless, to be flippant
  55. がる
    to be elated, to be spoiled, to take advantage of

  56. くちづき
    the mouth, manner of speech, mouthpiece (of a cigarette)

  57. くちづけ
  58. ける
    to rebuke, to scold harshly

  59. すいつく
    to stick to

  60. かいふ
    (vs) transmitting, referring to, passing on

  61. つけまわる
    to follow, to shadow, to hanker after, to hover around

  62. ふず
    attached map or plan

  63. ありつく
    to get, to obtain, to come by
  64. ける
    to palm off, to force a sale
  65. ける
    to daub, to smear

  66. そとづけ
    attached outside

  67. きふ
    (vs) contribution, donation
  68. ける
    to get close to

  69. ねつき
    quality (ease, difficulty) of one's sleep
  70. けす
    to put (someone) to bed
  71. ける
    to insinuate

  72. つけとどけ
    tip, present
  73. ける
    to wreathe (e.g rope)

  74. ひっつく
    to stick to, to flirt with
  75. ける
    to fascinate, to pull up (at a gate), to have a convulsion, to attract
  76. ける
    to attach to a flat surface with glue, to paste, to stick, to affix

  77. つきしたがう
    to follow, to accompany, to cleave to, to join up with, to obey implicitly, to flatter

  78. こころづけ
  79. ける
    to nail on, to strike hard, to hit and attack
  80. って
    (a-no) pittari, most suitable
  81. ける
    to hit, to knock, to run into
  82. ける
    to press down, to hold down, to pin down

  83. ふりつけ
    dance coaching, Japanese dance competition
  84. ける
    to install, to equip, to mount
  85. える
    to renew, to replace, to change for, to attach anew

  86. なでつけ
    smooth or flowing hair
  87. ける
    to rub on, to strike (a match), dog nosing a person

  88. つけぶみ
    love letter

  89. ひづけ
    date, dating

  90. ひづけ
    date, dating
  91. える
    to renew, to replace, to change for, to attach anew

  92. かくづけ
    rating, classification, allocation

  93. つけね
    root, joint, base, crotch

  94. うえつけ

  95. よこづけ
    (vs) coming alongside

  96. きづく
    to notice, to become aware of, to perceive, to realize

  97. きをつけ
    (Stand to) attention!
  98. ける
    to be careful, to pay attention, to take care

  99. ふちゅう
    annotation, comment

  100. てんぷ
    (vs) appended, attached

  101. つきそい
    attendance on, attendant, escort, chaperon, retinue

  102. つきそい
    attendance on, attendant, escort, chaperon, retinue

  103. ひつき

  104. つけび

  105. ひがつく
    to catch fire, to provoke, to catch fire from, to be ignited
  106. ける
    to kindle, to build a fire, to instigate, to stir up

  107. つけやき
    broiling with soy

  108. つけやき
    broiling with soy

  109. やきつく
    to scorch

  110. やけつく
    to burn
  111. ける
    to bake, to plate, to print, to burn into one's memory

  112. もえつく
    to catch fire, to ignite
  113. ける
    to be accepted, to receive (an application)

  114. かたづく
    to put in order, to dispose of, to solve, to finish, to get married
  115. ける
    to tidy up, to put in order, to straighten up, to put away

  116. つきもの
    accessory, accompaniment, indispensable part, appendage

  117. つけねらう
    to prowl after, to keep watch on

  118. きつねつき
    spirit possession, one possessed by spirits

  119. おもいつく
    to think of, to hit upon, to come into one's mind, to be struck with an idea

  120. やみつき
    being addicted to, being wholly absorbed by
  121. ける
    to rebuke, to taunt, to give a good shaking, to knock about

  122. めつき
    look, expression of the eyes, eyes

  123. めにつく
    to be noticeable
  124. ける
    to glare at

  125. いふ
    abandonment (rights, property)
  126. ける
    to thrust before, to thrust at

  127. のりづけ
    (vs) starch (e.g. clothes)

  128. つけひも
    child's sash

  129. のうふ
    (vs) payment, supply

  130. つけがみ
    tag, slip, label

  131. くみつく
    to grapple, to wrestle

  132. むすびつく
    to be connected or related, to join together

  133. すがりつく
    to cling to

  134. しめつけ
  135. ける
    to tighten, to press hard
  136. ける
    to tie

  137. つきまとう
    to dangle after

  138. まといつく
    to entwine, to follow about
  139. わり
    (uk) to coil (around), to cling to, to not leave someone or something alone

  140. かんがえつく
    to think of, to come up with
  141. ける
    to furnish, to install, to get someone's agreement
  142. かれる
    to become obsessed with
  143. きのよい
    well-fleshed, well-padded, plump, fat

  144. あしつき
    something with legs, sole of foot

  145. つけおち
    omission in a bill

  146. つけおち
    omission in a bill

  147. つけおとし
    omission in a bill
  148. とし
    omission in a bill
  149. とし
    omission in a bill

  150. つけぐすり
    ointment, lotion

  151. そでつけ
    armhole (of a shirt)
  152. かる
    (uk) to be found, to be discovered
  153. ける
    to display, to show

  154. ふげん
    (vs) saying in addition, postscript, additional remarks

  155. ことづけ
    (verbal) message
  156. ける
    to tell, to tell on (someone)

  157. ふたく
    (vs) committing to, refer to, submit to

  158. はなしがつく
    to come to an agreement

  159. ふぎ
    (vs) bring up a matter, discussion, debate

  160. てんぷ
    (vs) sticking, pasting, appending

  161. まかないつき
    with meals, meals inclusive

  162. つけたし
    addition, appendix, supplement, postscript

  163. つけたす
    to add to

  164. つけこみ
    entry, booking

  165. ちかづき
  166. ける
    to bring near, to put close

  167. ばんずけ
    ranking list

  168. ふろく
    appendix, supplement

  169. こげつく
    to get burned and stuck on, to become uncollectable (and remain unpaid)
  170. かずれず

  171. かおつき
    looks, features

  172. かざりつけ
    decoration, arrangement

  173. かざりつけ
    decoration, arrangement

  174. つけうま
    bill collector for the night's entertainment, followers
  175. ける
    to run to, to come running, to rush (someplace), to hasten

  176. つけまげ
    false coiffure
  177. ける
    to rub on, to strike (a match), dog nosing a person

  178. すみつけ
    blackening the face

  179. おすみつき
    certificate, authorization, paper with signature of the shogun or lord

  180. つけばな
    false nose, artificial nose
Kanji Character : 付
Kuten Encoding : 4153
SJIS Encoding : 4955
Unicode Encoding : 4ed8
Old Nelson Index : 363
Radical Number : 9
Frequency Ranking : 326
Gakken Index : 251
Grade Level : 4
Halpern Index : 31
Heisig Index : 1000
Henshall Index : 574
New Nelson Index : 124
O'Neil Index : 126
Stroke Count : 5
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji Dictionary Index : 2a3.6
Spahn & Hadamitzky Radical Strokes : 2
Spahn & Hadamitzky Other Strokes : 3
Spahn & Hadamitzky Character ID : a
Spahn & Hadamitzky kanji Number : 6
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji & Kana Index : 192
SKIP Code : 1-2-3
De Roo Code : 2148
Four Corner Code : 2420.0
Korean reading : bu
Pinyin reading : fu4
Morohashi Index String : 373
Morohashi Volume and Page String : 1.0601
Morohashi Index Number : 373
Morohashi Page : 601
Morohashi Volume : 1
Dictionary Codes
  1. R2148

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