シュ, と.る, と.り, と.り-, とり, -ど.り
take, fetch, take up

This kanji has 8 strokes: 6 in the "ear" radical (みみ) and 2 other strokes.

Sample compounds (110) :

  1. ちり
  2. れる
    to come off, to be taken off, to be removed, to be obtained, to leave, to come out (e.g. photo), to be interpreted
  3. やり
    giving and taking, exchange (of letters)
  4. つかみ
    to grasp, to get
  5. りあえず
    at once, first of all, for the time being
  6. っちめる
    (id) to take to task, to take it out on
  7. げる
    to withdraw, to abandon (e.g. a lawsuit)

  8. ふたたびとる
    to reassume

  9. なかをとる
    to work out a compromise

  10. とりだす
    to take out, to produce, to pick out

  11. まるどり
    (vs) monopolizing, monopolization

  12. としとる
    to grow old, to age

  13. としをとる
    to grow old, to age

  14. むしりとる
    to tear off, to pluck off

  15. かんしゅ
    (vs) seeing through, perceiving, noticing, getting wind of

  16. のっとり
    capture, takeover, hijack, skyjacking

  17. のっとる
    to capture, to occupy, to usurp

  18. のりとる
    to capture, to occupy, to usurp

  19. こいとる
    to ask for and receive

  20. しゅうどり
    (vs) entering the service of a daimyo
  21. わす
    to exchange, to interchange

  22. ひととり
    prisoner's base (a game)
  23. ける
    to furnish, to install, to get someone's agreement
  24. かれる
    to become obsessed with

  25. とりあう
    to take each other's hands, to compete, to respond

  26. くらいどる
    to scale

  27. いのちとり
    (a-no) fatal

  28. かりどり
    borrowing without returning

  29. せんしゅ
    (vs) earning the first (runs), preoccupation

  30. とりいる
    to make up to

  31. とりわけ
    especially, above all

  32. わけどり
    sharing, division
  33. かち
    to divide the spoils, to receive a share

  34. とりつぎ
    agency, commission

  35. きりとり
    cutting, tearing off, cutting off, robbery with assault, burglary, robber, burglar

  36. はぎとり
    pad (of paper)

  37. とりなおす
    (vt) to re-grip, to re-wrestle (sumo)
  38. げる
    to take up, to pick up, to disqualify, to confiscate, to deprive
  39. げる
    to take up, to pick up, to disqualify, to confiscate, to deprive

  40. くちとり
    groom, horse boy, side dish

  41. とりかこむ
    to surround, to crowd around

  42. とりはずす
    to dismantle, to take something away, to detach

  43. だっしゅ
    (vs) usurpation, taking back

  44. うばいとる
    to plunder
  45. せる
    to order, to send away for

  46. しりとり
    word chain game

  47. とりまく
    to surround, to circle, to enclose

  48. ひきとる
    to take charge of, to take over, to retire to a private place

  49. とりひき
    transactions, dealings, business
  50. アウトライト
    outright transaction

  51. しゅとく

  52. とりいそぐ
    to hurry, to hasten

  53. かんじとる
    to feel

  54. とって
    handle, grip, knob

  55. てどり
    after tax, net income

  56. とりあつかい
    treatment, service, handling, management

  57. とりあつかい
    treatment, service, handling, management

  58. ぬきとる
    to pull out, to draw out

  59. かいしゅ
    (vs) abducting (legal term)

  60. ふきとる
    to wipe off, to wipe up

  61. かすめとる
    to snatch, to steal

  62. すくいとる
    to dip or scoop up, to ladle out

  63. ねじとる
    to wring off, to wrest from

  64. しゅしゃ
    choice, option, rejection or adoption

  65. さいしゅ
    picking, collecting, harvesting

  66. てきしゅ
    (vs) picking, plucking up

  67. つまみとる
    to pluck, to pick, to nip off

  68. ひどり
    fixed date, appointed day

  69. とりかえ
    swap, exchange

  70. とりかえ
    swap, exchange

  71. ひまどる
    to take time

  72. よこどり
    usurpation, snatching, seizure

  73. とりのこす
    to leave behind

  74. だんどり
    programme, plans, arrangements

  75. きどる
    to affect, to put on airs

  76. くみとり
    septic tank

  77. とりきめ
    decision, agreement
  78. める
    to make agreement

  79. とりけし
    cancellation, cancel (CAN)

  80. とりけし
    cancellation, cancel (CAN)

  81. うけとり

  82. うけとり

  83. りゃくしゅ

  84. せっしゅ
    theft, stealing, larceny

  85. とりくみ
    a bout (in sports, etc.), a match

  86. とりくみ
    (io) a bout (in sports, etc.), a match

  87. あやとり
    cat's cradle

  88. とりすがる
    to cling to
  89. まり
    control, management, supervision
  90. まる
    to manage, to control, to supervise

  91. ふちどり
    hemming, bordering

  92. ちょうしゅ
    listening, hearing, audition, radio reception

  93. かきとり

  94. とりみだす
    to scatter about, to be distracted

  95. いろどる
    to colour, to paint, to make up

  96. くさとり
    weeding, weeder, weeding fork
  97. らう
    to manage, to settle, to dispose of, to deal with, to arrange

  98. とりせつ
    (abbr) users' manual

  99. よみとる
    to read (someones) mind, to read (the calibration)
  100. 調
    investigation, examination, inquiry
  101. 調
    investigation, examination, inquiry

  102. とうどり
    (bank) president

  103. あしどり
    gait, manner of walking (swimming)

  104. あととり
    heir, heiress, inheritor, successor

  105. とりこむ
    to take in, to introduce, to be busy, to be confused

  106. とりこみ

  107. とりかえす
    to regain, to recover, to get back

  108. まどり
    plan of a house, arrangement of rooms

  109. ききとる
    to catch (a person's words), to follow, to understand

  110. ちりとり
Kanji Character : 取
Kuten Encoding : 2872
SJIS Encoding : 3c68
Unicode Encoding : 53d6
Old Nelson Index : 3699
Radical Number : 128
Classical Radical Number : 29
Frequency Ranking : 184
Gakken Index : 190
Grade Level : 3
Halpern Index : 1262
Heisig Index : 819
Henshall Index : 301
New Nelson Index : 679
O'Neil Index : 650
Stroke Count : 8
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji Dictionary Index : 6e2.2
Spahn & Hadamitzky Radical Strokes : 6
Spahn & Hadamitzky Other Strokes : 2
Spahn & Hadamitzky Character ID : e
Spahn & Hadamitzky kanji Number : 2
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji & Kana Index : 65
SKIP Code : 1-6-2
De Roo Code : 3267
Four Corner Code : 1714.0
Korean reading : chwi
Pinyin reading : qu3
Morohashi Index String : 3158
Morohashi Volume and Page String : 2.0702
Morohashi Index Number : 3158
Morohashi Page : 702
Morohashi Volume : 2
Dictionary Codes
  1. R3267

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