ゲン, ゴン, い.う, こと

This kanji is also known as the "say" radical (ことば), which has 7 strokes.

Sample compounds (96) :

  1. ゆう
    to say
  2. たって
    even if I told you
  3. えば
    speaking of
  4. いなりに
    exactly as said
  5. われる
    to be called ..., to be referred to as ...
  6. うのは
    (uk) this means, that is to say, because
  7. してえば
    if I must say (choose)
  8. とやかく
    to say all kinds of things, to complain
  9. ずばずば
    to speak one's mind, to speak very frankly
  10. からとって
    while it may be true that, just because, nevertheless, not necessarily
  11. だからとって
    while it may be true that, just because, nevertheless, not necessarily
  12. そうかとって
    but still
  13. あっとわせる
    to startle

  14. いちごん
    single word

  15. わるくいう
    to deprecate, to traduce

  16. いいだす
    to start talking, to speak, to tell, to propose, to suggest, to break the ice

  17. いいあらわす
    to express

  18. いいおよぶ
    to refer to, to mention (e.g. theme)

  19. しつげん
    (vs) using improper words, verbal slip

  20. ひげん
    slang expression

  21. ざれごと

  22. かねごと
    prediction, promise, prognostication

  23. にごん
    double dealing, double tongue

  24. もうげん
    reckless remark, rash remark, abusive language, thoughtless words

  25. たごん
    telling others, revealing to others, letting out a secret

  26. ふげん
    (vs) saying in addition, postscript, additional remarks

  27. ことづけ
    (verbal) message
  28. ける
    to tell, to tell on (someone)

  29. だいげん
    advocacy, pleading by proxy, speaking for another, attorney

  30. でんごん
    verbal message, rumor, word

  31. ことづて
    declaration, hearsay
  32. える
    to send word

  33. いいあう
    to quarrel

  34. いいあい
    quarrel, dispute
  35. める
    to give detailed instructions

  36. たいげん
    uninflected word

  37. つくりごと
    fabrication, lie, fiction
  38. うてんねん
    (ksb:) (sl) What the hell are you saying?!

  39. ぶげん

  40. れいげん
    preface, foreword

  41. りげん
    slang, dialect

  42. ぞくにいう
    ``commonly referred to as....''

  43. へきげん
    unreasonable talk

  44. いいぶん
    one's say, one's point, complaint, excuse

  45. せつげん
    urging, persuasion, declaration

  46. いいきる
    to declare, to assert, to state definitively

  47. べつげん
    other words

  48. じょげん
    advice, suggestion

  49. こげん
    obsolete word, old proverb

  50. しんごん
    mantra, quintessential word, Mantrayana, Shingon, Sino-Japanese esoteric Buddhism, originating in the eight century

  51. たげん
    (vs) talkativeness, verbosity, garrulity

  52. めいげん
    wise saying

  53. せんげん
    (vs) declaration, proclamation, announcement

  54. ねごと
    talking in sleep, nonsense

  55. かげん
    reticence, taciturnity
  56. てる
    to guess right

  57. こうげん
  58. める
    to correct oneself
  59. いてえば
    if I'm forced to say something, if anything

  60. うらみごと
    grudge, complaint

  61. いいなり
    doing as told, yes man
  62. かり
    false accusation, pretext, commitment
  63. える
    to say in other words

  64. ようげん
    (vs) opening declaration, profession, declaration in public, proclamation

  65. だんげん
    (vs) declaration, affirmation

  66. いいかた
    speaking style

  67. げんめい
    declaration, statement, assertion

  68. めいげん
    declaration, statement
  69. えるなら
    if we put this another way, in other words

  70. いいさす
    to break off (in middle of sentence)

  71. へんげん
    brief remark, few words

  72. ひとりごと
    a soliloquy, a monologue, speaking to oneself

  73. いわざる
    say-not monkey

  74. むつごと
    lovers' talk, whispered intimacies

  75. かくげん
    (vs) assertion, confirmation

  76. そらごと
    falsehood, lie
  77. てる
    to state, to insist

  78. しんげん
    proverb, maxim

  79. けつげん
    summary, wrap-up

  80. くりごと
    tedious talk, repetition, complaint
  81. わす
    to be handed down, to have a habit of saying
  82. わぬが
    (id) some things are better left unsaid, silence is golden

  83. いいぐさ
    remarks, comments

  84. かげん
    flowery words

  85. ことば
    word(s), language, speech
  86. らす
    to pass the time talking

  87. ふげん
    calumny, slander, false charge

  88. げんご

  89. げんろん

  90. いいたす
    to add, to say something additional
  91. める
    to take down

  92. いいかえす
    to repeat, to talk back, to answer back

  93. かごん
    exaggeration, saying too much

  94. ゆいごん
    will, testament, last request
  95. がものを
    (id) money talks
  96. かす
    to tell someone to do something, to warm, to persuade, to instruct
Kanji Character : 言
Kuten Encoding : 2432
SJIS Encoding : 3840
Unicode Encoding : 8a00
Old Nelson Index : 4309
Radical Number : 149
Frequency Ranking : 249
Gakken Index : 279
Grade Level : 2
Halpern Index : 1941
Heisig Index : 335
Henshall Index : 274
New Nelson Index : 5552
O'Neil Index : 439
Stroke Count : 7
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji Dictionary Index : 7a0.1
Spahn & Hadamitzky Radical Strokes : 7
Spahn & Hadamitzky Other Strokes : 0
Spahn & Hadamitzky Character ID : a
Spahn & Hadamitzky kanji Number : 1
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji & Kana Index : 66
SKIP Code : 2-1-6
De Roo Code : 3077
Four Corner Code : 0060.1
Korean reading : eon
Pinyin reading : yan2
Morohashi Index String : 35205
Morohashi Volume and Page String : 10.0380
Morohashi Index Number : 35205
Morohashi Page : 380
Morohashi Volume : 10
Dictionary Codes
  1. R3077

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