イチ, イツ, ひと-, ひと.つ, い, いっ, いる, かつ, かづ, てん, はじめ, ひ, ひとつ, まこと

This kanji is also known as the "one" radical (いち), which has only one stroke.

Sample compounds (261) :

  1. ひとつ

  2. いつは
    for one thing, partly

  3. いつに
    solely, entirely, only, or

  4. いちいち
    one by one, separately

  5. いちいち
    one by one, separately

  6. いっちょう
    one block (city)

  7. まんいち
    by some chance, by some possibility, if by any change, 10E4:1 odds

  8. ふいつ
    Very sincerely yours

  9. ひとのみ
    drinking in one gulp

  10. いっさつ
    one copy (e.g. book)

  11. いっせい
    a lifetime, a generation, foreign immigrant, Japanese immigrant to USA

  12. いっぽん
    one long thing, one version, a certain book, a blow, an experienced geisha

  13. ひたすら

  14. いっきょく
    a tune (melody, piece of music)

  15. いっぱん
    a half, a part

  16. たんいつ
    (an) single, simple, sole, individual, unitory

  17. いっしょう
    unit of old Japanese liquid measurement, 1800 cc

  18. いっしつ
    a disadvantage (defect, error)

  19. ひととし
    one year, some time ago

  20. いっそく
    a bundle, a hundred

  21. ひとえ
    one layer, single

  22. いちい
    captain (JSDF)

  23. いちじ
    one thing

  24. いちげん
    (a-no) unitary

  25. ひとや
    one night, all night, overnight, one evening

  26. いちにん
    one person

  27. ひとりで
    alone, by oneself, voluntarily, spontaneously, automatically
  28. ぼっち
    alone, lonely, solitude

  29. いっかい
    (a-no) mere, only a ...

  30. いまひとつ
    (adv) one more, another, the other, not quite

  31. いちにん
    (vs) entrusting

  32. ごういつ
    unification, union, oneness

  33. いっさ
    colonel (JSDF)

  34. いったいに
  35. ほっき

  36. いちれい
    example, an instance

  37. いちめい
    a life, a command

  38. いちおく
    100,000,000, one hundred million

  39. いちぎ
    an incident

  40. ひとまず
    for the present, once, in outline

  41. ひとしお
    still more, especially

  42. いちかばちか
    sink or swim

  43. いっぷん
    a minute

  44. いちぶ
    one tenth, one hundredth, one percent, one tenth of a sun, one quarter ryoo (an old coin)

  45. いっきょう
    amusement, fun, brief entertainment

  46. ひとめぐり
    once around, a revolution, a lap, a turn, a round, one full year

  47. いちぐん
    an army, the whole army, first string players (sports)

  48. ひときり
    a pause, a period, a step, once, some years ago

  49. いっこく
    (an) a minute, a moment, an instant, stubborn, hot-headed

  50. かくいつ
    uniformity, standardization

  51. いちじょ
    a help

  52. いっしゃく
    one shaku

  53. いっく
    a phrase (verse, line), one haiku-poem

  54. いちじゅん
    ten days

  55. いっく
    a district, a ward, a lot

  56. じゅういち
    11, eleven

  57. いっちょく
    lining out to first base

  58. いってん
    speck, dot, point, only a little, particle, only one

  59. いっそう
    a pair (of screens)

  60. いちごう
    number one

  61. いちみ
    clan, an ingredient, a touch, a tinge, conspirators, a gang

  62. いっぴん
    an item, article, dish, course

  63. ゆいつ
    only, sole, unique

  64. いちいん
    a cause

  65. いちだん
    a body, a group, a party, a gang, a troupe

  66. ひとまわり
    a turn, a round

  67. きんいつ
    (an) uniformity, equality

  68. ひとこえ
    (a) voice, a cry, a shout

  69. いちじょう
    one time (place)

  70. いっぽう
    (vs) information

  71. ひとかたまり
    a group, a lump

  72. ひとしお
    slightly salted

  73. いっし
    private first class (JSDF)

  74. いっせき
    one evening, some evenings

  75. いちだい
    one large...

  76. ひとりご
    a child, an only child

  77. ひとつづつ
    one each

  78. いっしゅう
    a sect, a denomination

  79. いちじょう
    something definitely settled

  80. いちあん
    an idea, a plan

  81. いっか
    a house, a home, a family, a household, one's family, one's folks, a style
  82. 宿
    staying one night

  83. いっすん
    one, one sun

  84. いっぷう
    a sealed letter, a sealed document, an enclosure

  85. いっとう
    a party, clique

  86. いちどう
    one building (hall, temple, shrine, room)

  87. いっきょく
    one game (checkers, etc.)

  88. いっそう
    much more, still more, all the more

  89. いっさん
    a mountain, a pile (of something)

  90. いっこ
    (a-no) personal, private, oneself

  91. いっかん
    one volume

  92. いっぷく
    a scroll

  93. いちおう
    once, tentatively, in outline, for the time being

  94. ひとたび
    once, one time, on one occasion

  95. いちざ
    the party, those present, a troupe, the first seat

  96. ひとかど
    (a-no) superiority, something uncommon, respectable, full-fledged

  97. いっしき
    a complete set, all, everything

  98. ひとやく
    a part to play

  99. いちりつ
    evenness, uniformity, monotony, equality

  100. いっとく
    one advantage, a merit

  101. いっとく
    a virtue

  102. いっしん
    one mind, wholeheartedness, the whole heart

  103. いっせん
    a battle, a game, a bout

  104. ひとところ
    one place, the same place

  105. いって
    a move (in game), a method, single-handed, a monopoly

  106. いってに
    single- handed

  107. いちだ
    a stroke, a blow

  108. たくいつ
    choosing an alternative

  109. いちわ
    a bundle, a bunch

  110. ひとおり
    one box

  111. いっかつ
    (vs) all together, batch, one lump, one bundle, summing up

  112. ひとくくり
    lump together, put all together

  113. いっきょに
    at a stroke, with a single swoop

  114. いっし
    a finger

  115. いっちょう
    counter for guns, inksticks, palanquins, jinrikisha

  116. ひとそろえ
    a set, a suit

  117. いちあく

  118. ひとつかみ
    a handful, a grasp

  119. いちげき
    a blow, a hit, a poke

  120. いっかく
    one grab

  121. いっさんに
    at top speed

  122. いちぶん
    a sentence

  123. いっしん
    complete change, reform, restoration, remodeling, renewal

  124. いっぽう
    on the other hand, one side, one way, a quarter, one direction, one party, the other party, meanwhile, only, simple, in turn
  125. ならぬ
    extraordinary, special

  126. いちぞく
    a family, relatives, dependents, a household

  127. いちにち
    one day, first of month

  128. ひとむかし
    ages, long time, decade, the past ten years

  129. いっさく
    one previous

  130. いっとき
    one hour, short time, once, a time, temporarily, at one time, twelfth part of a day

  131. いちどきに
    at a time, at one time

  132. いっそう
    master sergeant (JSDF)

  133. ひとばん
    one evening, all night, overnight

  134. ひとつき
    one month

  135. いっかげつ
    one month

  136. いちぼく
    one tree

  137. いっさつ
    a document, a bond

  138. いちだ
    a branch (of flowers), a cluster, a mass (of clouds)
  139. ちょっと
    (id) let's have a quick drink

  140. いっこう
    whole school, the first proof, one proofreading

  141. ひとむね
    one house, the same house

  142. いちよう
    uniformity, evenness, similarity, equality, impartiality

  143. いちがいに
    unconditionally, as a rule

  144. いっさい
    one year old

  145. いちれつ
    a row, line

  146. いっし
    dying, one out (baseball)

  147. いったん
    one-tenth hectare

  148. いっかん
    consistency, coherence, integration, 8.333 lbs

  149. いちもう
    one-tenth of a rin

  150. いっきに
    at once, at a breath (stroke, sitting)

  151. いっすい
    a current (of water), a drop

  152. いっけつ
    (vs) agreed, settled

  153. ひとあわ
    a blow, a shock

  154. いっぱく
    stopping one night

  155. いちりゅう
    first class, top grade, school (of art), foremost, top-notch, unique

  156. ひとわたり
    briefly, in general, glancing through

  157. ひとしずく
    a drop

  158. いっしょう
    a general

  159. いっぺん
    a slice, a piece

  160. いちぶつ
    a thing, an article, a plot, ulterior motive, secret intention

  161. いっけん
    one dog

  162. いちぼう
    one sweep (of the eye), an unbroken view

  163. いっぱん
    a spot (glimpse, outline)

  164. いっかん
    a link

  165. いっしょう
    whole life, a lifetime, all through life, one existence, a generation, an age, the whole world, the era

  166. いちなん
    a boy, eldest son

  167. いちるい
    first base, a fort

  168. いちじょう
    one mat

  169. いっぴき
    one (small) animal

  170. ひとくせ
    trait, peculiarity, idiosyncrasy
  171. かます
    (sl) to hit s'one

  172. ひとかわ
  173. サラダ
    plate of salad

  174. ひともり
    a pile

  175. ひとめ
    glance, glimpse

  176. ひとつめ
    one-eyed monster

  177. いちぐ
    one set

  178. いちみん
    the first sleep (of silkworms)

  179. いちがん
    one eye

  180. いっすい
    a nap, a short sleep

  181. いちべつ
    a glance, a look

  182. いっしゅん
    a moment, an instant

  183. いっし
    an arrow, a retort

  184. いっこく
    one koku (measure)

  185. いっしゅ
    a species, a kind, a variety

  186. ひとつあな
    same hole, one gang

  187. ひとつあな
    same hole, one gang

  188. いったん
    one end, a part

  189. いっしょう
    a laugh, a smile

  190. ひとすき
    a line, earnestly, blindly, straightforwardly

  191. ひとふで
    a few lines, stroke of pen

  192. ひとふし
    a verse (e.g. in the Bible), stanza, paragraph, passage, a joint, section, a tune, note, strain, measure

  193. いっこ
    one, a piece

  194. いっちゅう
    a point, a degree

  195. せいいつ
  196. まとわぬ
    stark naked

  197. いっきゅう
    (an) one grade, first class, primary

  198. いちくみ
    one class, one set

  199. いっとう
    a lineage, a line, unification, all (of you)

  200. とういつ
    (vs) unity, consolidation, uniformity, unification, compatible
  201. くた
    medley, heterogenous mixture
  202. にする
    to unite, to confuse with

  203. いっせん
    a line

  204. ひとまとめ
    bundle, pack, bunch

  205. ひとつおき
    alternate, every other one

  206. いっちゃく
    first arrival, first in race, suit of clothes

  207. いちぐん
    a group, a flock, a crowd, a herd, a wide expanse (of flowers)

  208. ひとつがき
    an item, itemization

  209. いっき
    a term, a half-year, a quarter, one's life time, a lifetime

  210. いっちょう
    temporarily, a short period, once, one morning

  211. いちぜん
    a bowl (of rice), a pair (of chopsticks)

  212. いっぴ
    a (helping) hand, one's bit

  213. いっち
    (vs) coincidence, agreement, union, match, conformity, consistency, co-operation

  214. いっぱん
    (a-no) general, liberal, universal, ordinary, average

  215. ひといろ
    one color, one article

  216. いっしき
    one color, one article

  217. ひとあれ
    a squall, a burst of anger

  218. いっか
    a load

  219. いっきく
    one scoop (of water)

  220. いちい
    one reed, a boat

  221. いちむ
    a dream, a fleeting thing

  222. いっこう
    line, row, troupe, party

  223. いっぴょう
    a vote, ballot

  224. いっけん
    (vs) a look, a glimpse, first meeting, glance

  225. いちごん
    single word

  226. いっけい
    a plan

  227. いっせつ
    another report (opinion)

  228. いちだく
    a consent

  229. いっぱい
    one defeat

  230. ひとはしり
    a spin, a run

  231. いっそく
    a pair (footwear)

  232. ひとけり
    a kick, a rejection

  233. いちみ
    partisans, gang, conspirators

  234. ひとつみ
    baby clothes
  235. にする
    to concur, to be the same (thought, opinion, etc.), to have the same way of doing

  236. いっけん
    a house

  237. いってん
    a turn, complete change

  238. いちりん
    one flower, a wheel

  239. ひとめぐり
    once around, a revolution, a lap, a turn, a round, one full year

  240. ちくいち
    one by one, in detail, minutely

  241. いちずに

  242. いちれん
    a series, a chain, a ream (of paper)

  243. いっつう
    one copy (of a document)

  244. いっぺんに
    at one time

  245. いっかく
    one block, enclosure

  246. いちばん
    best, first, number one, a game, a round, a bout, a fall, an event (in a meet)

  247. いちり
    2.44 miles

  248. いちもん
    the family, dependents, household, kin, clan

  249. いちもん
    a question

  250. いっけん
    one ken, six feet

  251. いちじん
    a gust of wind, vanguard

  252. ずいいち
    (the) best, greatest, first

  253. いちぐう
    corner, nook

  254. いったい
    a party, a gang, a company, a squad

  255. ひとあめ
    shower, rainfall

  256. ひとしきり
    for a while

  257. いちじき
    one meal (a day)

  258. いっしゅ
    a poem

  259. いちだ
    a horse load

  260. いっこ
    the first beat of the war drum

  261. いっせいに
    simultaneously, all at once
Kanji Character : 一
Kuten Encoding : 1676
SJIS Encoding : 306c
Unicode Encoding : 4e00
Old Nelson Index : 1
Radical Number : 1
Frequency Ranking : 2
Gakken Index : 4
Grade Level : 1
Halpern Index : 3341
Heisig Index : 1
Henshall Index : 1
New Nelson Index : 1
O'Neil Index : 3
Stroke Count : 1
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji Dictionary Index : 0a1.1
Spahn & Hadamitzky Radical Strokes : 0
Spahn & Hadamitzky Other Strokes : 1
Spahn & Hadamitzky Character ID : a
Spahn & Hadamitzky kanji Number : 1
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji & Kana Index : 2
SKIP Code : 4-1-4
De Roo Code : 3072
Four Corner Code : 1000.0
Korean reading : il
Pinyin reading : yi1
Morohashi Index String : 1
Morohashi Volume and Page String : 1.0001
Morohashi Index Number : 1
Morohashi Page : 1
Morohashi Volume : 1
Cross Index Codes
  1. J05021
Dictionary Codes
  1. R3072


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