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Kanji with this 6 stroke radical :
  1. こげ
    シ, しば, しは
    turf, lawn
    (4 compounds)

  2. ボウ, コウ, モウ, すすき, のぎ, のげ
    pampas grass, beard (grain)
    (2 compounds)

  3. ウ, いも
    (7 compounds)

  4. かり
    ガイ, カイ, か.る, かる, かん
    cutting (grass)
    (1 compound)

  5. カイ, ケ, からし, ごみ, あくた
    mustard, rape, dust, trash, rubbish
    (1 compound)

  6. ホウ, かんば.しい, かおる, は, ほ, みち, やす, よし
    perfume, balmy, flavorable, fragrant
    (4 compounds)

  7. ゲイ, ウン, う.える, のり, わざ, げ, なり
    technique, art, craft, performance, acting, trick, stunt
    (11 compounds)

  8. カ, ケ, はな
    (47 compounds)

  9. ゼン
    flourishing, luxuriant
    (1 compound)

  10. バイ, マイ, いちご
    (2 compounds)

  11. ケイ, キョウ, くき
    stalk, stem
    (3 compounds)

  12. うむさ
    モ, しげ.る, き, し, つとむ, む, もて
    overgrown, grow thick, be luxuriant
    (3 compounds)

  13. あや
    エン, オン, その, う.つ
    garden, farm, park
    (3 compounds)

  14. ホウ, ヒョウ, つと
    husk, bract, straw wrapper, souvenir gift, bribe
    (1 compound)

  15. コウ, ク, いやしく.も
    any, at all, in the least
    (1 compound)

  16. ガ, め, めぐ
    bud, sprout, spear, germ
    (6 compounds)

  17. タイ, こけ, こけら
    moss, lichen
    (3 compounds)

  18. ねい
    ビョウ, ミョウ, なえ, なわ-, のら, みう, みつ
    seedling, sapling, shoot
    (4 compounds)

  19. ボウ, ミョウ, かや, ちがや, じ
    miscanthus reed
    (2 compounds)

  20. カ, いじ.める, さいな.む, いらだ.つ, からい, こまかい
    torment, scold, chastise
    (8 compounds)

  21. わく
    ジャク, ニャク, ニャ, わか.い, わか-, も.しくわ, も.し, も.しくは, わこ
    young, if, perhaps, possibly, low number, immature
    (14 compounds)

  22. エイ, はなぶさ, あい, え, すぐる, はな, ひ, ひで, よし, ら
    England, English
    (16 compounds)

  23. ク, くる.しい, -ぐる.しい, くる.しむ, くる.しめる, にが.い, にが.る
    suffering, trial, worry, hardship, feel bitter, scowl
    (30 compounds)

  24. ミョウ, メイ, ちゃ
    (1 compound)

  25. あし
    シ, ジ, いばら, かや, くさぶき, えばら, ばら, まつ, まん
    briar, thorn
    (1 compound)

  26. セン, あかね
    madder, red dye, Turkey red
    (2 compounds)

  27. ジン, ニン
    (1 compound)

  28. ジョウ, ニュ, きのこ, たけ, しげ.る
    (7 compounds)

  29. ボウ, とお.い
    wide, extensive
    (2 compounds)

  30. ジョ, ニョ, ゆ.でる, う.でる
    boil, seethe
    (2 compounds)

  31. ソウ, ショウ, チャン, ほうき, おごそ.か
    villa, inn, cottage, feudal manor
    (3 compounds)

  32. ソウ, くさ, くさ-, -ぐさ, や
    grass, weeds, herbs, pasture, write, draft
    (31 compounds)

  33. ちや
    チャ, サ
    (29 compounds)

  34. コウ, あら.い, あら-, あ.れる, あ.らす, -あ.らし, すさ.む
    laid waste, rough, rude, wild
    (19 compounds)

  35. ケイ, キョウ, くき
    stem, stalk
    (1 compound)

  36. エン, むしろ
    straw mat
    (1 compound)

  37. キョウ, さや
    pod, hull, husk, shell, case
    (2 compounds)

  38. バク, ボ, マク, モ, ナイ, くれ, なか.れ, なし
    must not, do not, be not
    (1 compound)

  39. カ, ケ, はな
    splendor, flower, petal, shine, luster, ostentatious, showy, gay, gorgeous
    (21 compounds)

  40. はす
    カ, に, り
    baggage, shoulder-pole load, bear (a burden), shoulder (a gun), load, cargo, freight
    (21 compounds)

  41. ドウ, トウ
    grape vine, wild grape
    (1 compound)

  42. ヘイ, ヒョウ, うきくさ
    floating plants
    (1 compound)

  43. イ, な, しお.れる, しな.びる, しぼ.む, な.える
    wither, droop, lame
    (3 compounds)

  44. キン
    germ, fungus, bacteria
    (7 compounds)

  45. リョウ, ひし
    diamond, water chestnut
    (1 compound)

  46. kind of grass, sacred tree
    (1 compound)

  47. もえ
    ホウ, も.える, きざ.す, めばえ, きざ.し, きざし
    show symptoms of, sprout, bud, malt
    (2 compounds)

  48. candy, cakes, fruit
    (3 compounds)

  49. キク
    (6 compounds)

  50. よう
    サイ, な
    vegetable, side dish, greens
    (9 compounds)

  51. チョ, チャク, あらわ.す, いちじる.しい
    renowned, publish, write, remarkable, phenomenal, put on, don, wear, arrival, finish (race), counter for suits of clothing, literary work
    (12 compounds)

  52. かず
    マン, バン, よろず, ま, ゆる, よし
    (1 compound)

  53. トウ, ただ.す
    (1 compound)

  54. キュウ, ク, にら
    (1 compound)

  55. まもる
    キ, あおい, け
    (2 compounds)

  56. ジャク, ジャ, ひ.く
    attract, captivate
    (1 compound)

  57. シュウ, はぎ
    bush clover
    (2 compounds)

  58. シュウ, あし, ふ.く, ふき
    thatch, cover, shingle, tile
    (1 compound)

  59. ボ, つの.る
    recruit, campaign, gather (contributions), enlist, grow violent
    (5 compounds)

  60. カツ, カチ, つづら, くず, かず, かずら, かっ, かつら
    arrowroot, kudzu
    (1 compound)

  61. あし
    イ, しお.れる, しな.びる, しぼ.む, な.える
    reed, bullrush
    (3 compounds)

  62. ブ, ホ
    wild grape, Portugal
    (1 compound)

  63. はふり
    ソウ, ほうむ.る
    interment, bury, shelve
    (9 compounds)

  64. ヨウ, は, わ
    leaf, plane, lobe, needle, blade, spear, no. of flat things
    (17 compounds)

  65. ジョウ, セイ, む.す, む.れる, む.らす
    steam, heat, sultry, foment, get musty
    (9 compounds)

  66. おち
    ラク, お.ちる, お.ち, お.とす
    fall, drop, come down
    (57 compounds)

  67. サン, にんにく, ひる, のびる
    (1 compound)

  68. シュウ
    (used only in compounds)
    (1 compound)

  69. コウ, よもぎ
    (1 compound)

  70. イン, オン, かげ
    shade, shadow, backing assistance
    (3 compounds)

  71. まい
    シ, ジ, う.える, まく, まか, まき
    sow (seeds)
    (2 compounds)

  72. ガイ, カイ, コウ, ふた, けだ.し, おお.う, かさ, かこう
    cover, lid, flap
    (4 compounds)

  73. モウ, ボウ, こうむ.る, おお.う, くら.い
    ignorance, darkness, get, receive, be subjected to, sustain, Mongolia
    (1 compound)

  74. ホ, ボ, フ, ブ, がま, かば, かま
    bullrush, flag, cattail
    (3 compounds)

  75. シュウ, あかね, あつ.まる, あつ.める
    (1 compound)

  76. ホウ, ブ, よもぎ
    sagebrush, wormwood, mugwort
    (1 compound)

  77. チク, たくわ.える
    amass, keeping a concubine, phonograph
    (2 compounds)

  78. ソウ, あお.い
    blue, pale
    (3 compounds)

  79. マク, バク
    curtain, bunting, act of play
    (17 compounds)

  80. ボ, はか
    grave, tomb
    (8 compounds)

  81. ム, ボウ, ゆめ, ゆめ.みる, くら.い
    dream, vision, illusion
    (8 compounds)

  82. ゾク, ソウ, まぶし
    gather together
    (1 compound)

  83. シャ, ショ, さとうきび
    sugar cane
    (1 compound)

  84. たつ
    チョウ, つた
    vine, ivy
    (1 compound)

  85. ベツ, ないがしろ, なみ.する, くらい, さげす.む
    ignore, despise, neglect, ridicule
    (4 compounds)

  86. マン, バン, はびこ.る, つる
    vine, tendril, influence, connections, good offices, spread, sprawl, thrive, rampant, powerful
    (3 compounds)

  87. ボ, した.う
    pining, yearn for, love dearly, adore
    (5 compounds)

  88. ぐらし
    ボ, く.れる, く.らす, ぐれ, ぽ
    livelihood, make a living, spend time
    (15 compounds)

  89. くらし
    ゾウ, ソウ, くら, おさ.める, かく.れる, くらん, くろう, さし, ざ, ろう
    storehouse, hide, own, have, possess
    (8 compounds)

  90. ヘイ, ヘツ, フツ, おお.う, おお.い
    cover, shade, mantle, capsize, be ruined
    (3 compounds)

  91. キョウ, そば
    (1 compound)

  92. トウ, とろ.かす, とろ.ける, うご.く
    melt, be charmed, captivated
    (2 compounds)

  93. しげ
    バン, ハン, しげる, ば
    grow luxuriously
    (2 compounds)

  94. ラ, ビ, ぜんまい
    an edible fern
    (1 compound)

  95. ライ, つぼみ
    bud (plants, mushrooms not yet opened)
    (1 compound)

  96. バ, マ, ひき
    (1 compound)

  97. こも
    セン, すす.める
    recommend, mat, advise, encourage, offer
    (3 compounds)

  98. シン, たきぎ, まき
    fuel, firewood, kindling
    (2 compounds)

  99. エン, つばめ, つばくら, つばくろ
    swallow (bird)
    (2 compounds)

  100. バ, ショウ, ショク, ソウ, みずたで
    a kind of grass
    (1 compound)

  101. テイ, チ, な.ぐ, なぎ, か.る
    mow down (the enemy)
    (1 compound)

  102. かおり
    クン, かお.る, かおる, かほ, かほる, くに, しげ, にほ, のぶ, よし
    fragrant, be scented, smoke (cigs)
    (3 compounds)

  103. ヤク, くすり
    medicine, chemical, enamel, gunpowder, benefit
    (32 compounds)

  104. ハク, うす.い, うす-, -うす, うす.める, うす.まる, うす.らぐ, うす.ら-, うす.れる, すすき
    dilute, thin, weak (tea)
    (21 compounds)

  105. ショ, いも
    (1 compound)

  106. ラン, あい
    (2 compounds)

  107. コウ, わら
    (3 compounds)

  108. ケン, まゆ, きぬ
    (5 compounds)

  109. ハン
    clan, enclosure
    (3 compounds)

  110. ぞう
    トウ, ドウ, ふじ, と, ふじゅ
    (2 compounds)

  111. ラン, ラ, あららぎ
    orchid, Holland
    (3 compounds)

  112. ウン, つ.む
    pile up
    (1 compound)

  113. ソ, ス, よみがえ.る
    be resuscitated, revived
    (4 compounds)

  114. ソウ, も
    seaweed, duckweed
    (4 compounds)

  115. バク, まっ-
    going straight forward
    (1 compound)

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