ブン, フン, ブ, わ.ける, わ.け, わ.かれる, わ.かる, わ.かつ, わけ
part, minute of time, segment, share, degree, one's lot, duty, understand, know, rate, 1%, chances, shaku/10

This kanji has 4 strokes: 2 in the "eight" radical (はちがしら) and 2 other strokes.

Sample compounds (129) :

  1. rate, part, percentage, one percent, thickness, odds, chance of winning, one-tenth of a shaku, one quarter of a ryou

  2. わけ
    sharing, division, draw, tie

  3. わかる
    (io) to be understood
  4. かず
    without differentiation
  5. かつ
    to divide, to separate, to distinguish
  6. かり
    understanding, comprehension
  7. かれる
    to be divided, to part from, to separate, to branch off, to diverge from, to fork, to split, to dispense, to scatter, to divide into
  8. かりやすい
    easy to understand
  9. かちあたえる
    to apportion to, to share

  10. いちぶ
    one tenth, one hundredth, one percent, one tenth of a sun, one quarter ryoo (an old coin)

  11. いっぷん
    a minute

  12. ぶんよ
    (vs) distribution, allocation, dispensation, impartation
  13. える
    to distribute, to hand out

  14. さんぶん
    (vs) trisection, division by three

  15. てんぶん
    one's nature, talents, destiny, mission, sphere of activity

  16. かぶん
    divisible, separable

  17. りょうぶん
    (vs) bisect, cut in two

  18. ぶんさつ
    separate volume, fascicle, fascicule

  19. ほんぶん
    one's duty, one's part

  20. はんぷん
    half minute

  21. くぶ
    nine parts, nine percent, almost
  22. かれ
    to quarrel and separate

  23. ぶんじょう
    riding separately

  24. さいぶん

  25. やぶん
    evening, night, nighttime

  26. しわけ
    assortment journalizing (in bookkeeping), classification

  27. ぶんかい
    branch, chapter

  28. すみわけ
    habitat isolation (biology)

  29. なんぷん
    what minute?, how many minutes?
  30. 使
    proper use

  31. わけまえ
    share, portion, quota, cut
  32. ける
    to cut up
  33. かり
    to be evident, to be obvious, to understand completely

  34. ふんべつ
    discernment, judgement, discrimination

  35. ぶんかつ
    (vs) partition, division

  36. くぶん
    division, section, demarcation, (traffic) lane, compartment, classification, sorting

  37. じゅうぶん
    (vs) (an) plenty, enough, sufficient, satisfactory, adequate, perfect, thorough, fully, in full, division into ten

  38. ぶんさい
    (vs) publishing part by part (e.g. in a magazine)

  39. ぶんてん
    equinox, fork, junction

  40. かいぶん

  41. ぶんりん
    (not) in the least, (not) a bit

  42. ぶあつい
    bulky, massive, thick, heavy

  43. くちわけ

  44. ぶんえい
    outpost, detached garrison
  45. ける
    to scent out, to discern
  46. ける
    to taste, to distinguish

  47. しぶん
    (vs) divide into four pieces, one fourth

  48. ぶんだん
    branch, chapter

  49. きんぶん
    equal division

  50. ぶんばい
    selling separately

  51. わけうり
    selling separately

  52. ぞうぶん

  53. たぶん
    perhaps, probably

  54. だいぶん

  55. ぶんべん
    delivery, confinement, childbirth

  56. こぶん
    henchman, follower

  57. ぶんし
    numerator, molecule

  58. ぞんぶんに
    freely, to one's heart's content

  59. ぶんけ
    branch family

  60. とうぶん
    for the present

  61. ぶんとう
    secession from a party

  62. ぶんきょく
    branch office

  63. ぶんき
    forking, jump (computer), divergence (e.g. in a road)

  64. ぶんまき
    alternating-current winding

  65. いくぶん

  66. おうぶん
    (an) according to one's abilities, appropriate, reasonable

  67. ひきわけ
    a draw (in competition), tie game
  68. ける
    to pull apart, to separate

  69. びぶん
    differential (e.g. calculus)

  70. せいぶん
    ingredient, component, composition

  71. てわけ
    (vs) division of labour
  72. ける
    to push aside

  73. わけやすい
    easy to divide
  74. かり
    easy to understand

  75. ぶんみょう
    clearness, clear understanding

  76. じぶん
    time, hour, season, time of the year

  77. ぶんりょう
    amount, quantity

  78. ぶんぎ
    -ary tree

  79. ぶんせき
    (vs) analysis
  80. システム
    systems analysis
  81. ける
    to dye in different colors

  82. ぶんこう
    branch school

  83. すみわけ
    habitat isolation (biology)

  84. ぶんけん
    decentralization of authority

  85. ぶんれつ
    filing off (in a parade)

  86. ぶんぼ

  87. すいぶん

  88. ぶんぴつ

  89. ぶんちゅう
  90. ける
    to separate by washing

  91. ぶんりゅう
    cracking, fractional distillation (of gasoline)

  92. ぶんえん
    separate areas for smokers and non-smokers
  93. かれ
    turning point, fork

  94. ぶんしゃ
    branch shrine

  95. ぶんり
    crisis (in an illness)

  96. ふんびょう

  97. ぶんりつ
    segregation, separation, independence

  98. とうぶん
    amount of sugar, sugar content

  99. ぶんのう
    installment payment or delivery

  100. ぶんしょ
    substation, branch office

  101. わけどり
    sharing, division

  102. とりわけ
    especially, above all
  103. かち
    to divide the spoils, to receive a share

  104. じぶん
    myself, oneself

  105. わけよい
    easy to divide
  106. かり
    easy to understand

  107. いろわけ
    (vs) classification

  108. ぶんれつ
    (vs) split, division, break up

  109. みわけ

  110. いいぶん
    one's say, one's point, complaint, excuse
  111. らない

  112. ぶんし

  113. ぶんぷ
    assignment, allocation
  114. ける
    to push through (i.e. a crowd, vegetation, etc.)

  115. ぶんしん
    parturition, delivery, one's child, branch, offshoot, one's other self

  116. ふんそく
    speed per minute

  117. つうぶん
    (vs) reduce

  118. かぶん
    (an) excessive, unmerited, generous

  119. ぶんけん
    detachment, detail
  120. ける
    to classify, to sort out

  121. ぶぶん
    portion, section, part

  122. ふんしん
    minute hand

  123. ききわけ
    (a-no) easily taught, obedient
  124. ける
    to recognize (identify) by sound

  125. ぶげん
    social standing, wealth

  126. ずいぶん

  127. ぶんたい
    squad, team
  128. ユニットキャラクタ
    unit separator (US)
  129. ファイルキャラクタ
    file separator (FS)
Kanji Character : 分
Kuten Encoding : 4212
SJIS Encoding : 4a2c
Unicode Encoding : 5206
Old Nelson Index : 578
Radical Number : 12
Classical Radical Number : 18
Frequency Ranking : 30
Gakken Index : 35
Grade Level : 2
Halpern Index : 1972
Heisig Index : 781
Henshall Index : 199
New Nelson Index : 454
O'Neil Index : 64
Stroke Count : 4
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji Dictionary Index : 2o2.1
Spahn & Hadamitzky Radical Strokes : 2
Spahn & Hadamitzky Other Strokes : 2
Spahn & Hadamitzky Character ID : o
Spahn & Hadamitzky kanji Number : 1
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji & Kana Index : 38
SKIP Code : 2-2-2
De Roo Code : 2045
Four Corner Code : 8022.7
Korean reading : pun
Pinyin reading : fen4
Morohashi Index String : 1853
Morohashi Volume and Page String : 2.0195
Morohashi Index Number : 1853
Morohashi Page : 195
Morohashi Volume : 2
Dictionary Codes
  1. R2045

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