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Kanji with this 4 stroke radical :
  1. カ, ひ, -び, ほ-
    (57 compounds)

  2. トウ, ひ, ほ-, ともしび, とも.す, あかり
    lamp, a light, light, no. of lights
    (10 compounds)

  3. シャク, あらた, やく
    (1 compound)

  4. たい
    コ, キョ
    torch, signal fire
    (1 compound)

  5. ソウ, ショウ, い.る, いた.める
    broil, parch, roast, fry
    (2 compounds)

  6. ロ, いろり
    hearth, furnace, kiln, reactor
    (4 compounds)

  7. ぬく
    エン, ほのお
    inflammation, flame, blaze
    (8 compounds)

  8. スイ, た.く, -だ.き
    cook, boil
    (6 compounds)

  9. タク, サ, サク
    frying, explosion
    (1 compound)

  10. かま
    はた, はたけ, -ばたけ, まま
    farm, field, garden, one's specialty, (kokuji)
    (5 compounds)

  11. ラク, カク, や.く
    (2 compounds)

  12. やす
    レツ, はげ.しい
    ardent, violent, vehement, furious, severe, extreme
    (17 compounds)

  13. ホウ, のろし, とぶひ
    signal fire
    (1 compound)

  14. ホウ, ハイ, ほう.じる, あぶ.る
    fire, roast
    (1 compound)

  15. フン, ホン, ハン, た.く, や.く, やきがり
    burn, kindle, build a fire, boil, cook
    (2 compounds)

  16. ゼン, ネン, しか, しか.り, しか.し, さ
    sort of thing, so, if so, in that case, well
    (47 compounds)

  17. シャ, に.る, -に, に.える, に.やす
    boil, cook
    (14 compounds)

  18. やい
    ショウ, や.く, や.き, や.き-, -や.き, や.ける, やき
    bake, burning
    (40 compounds)

  19. ム, ブ, な.い
    nothingness, none, ain't, nothing, nil, not
    (69 compounds)

  20. コウ, きらめ.く, きら.めく, かが.やく
    glitter, gleam, twinkle
    (4 compounds)

  21. バイ, マイ, すす
    soot, smoke dried
    (2 compounds)

  22. ハン, ボン, わずら.う, わずら.わす
    anxiety, trouble, worry, pain, ill, annoy, nuisance, irksome
    (6 compounds)

  23. レン, ね.る
    refine metals, kneading over fire
    (2 compounds)

  24. たば
    エン, けむ.る, けむり, けむ.い
    (15 compounds)

  25. あき
    ショウ, て.る, て.らす, て.れる, てる
    illuminate, shine, compare, bashful
    (12 compounds)

  26. ヨウ, と.ける, と.かす, いがた
    fuse, melt
    (1 compound)

  27. ユウ, くま
    (4 compounds)

  28. セン, あお.る, おだ.てる, おこ.る
    fan, flap, instigate, agitate, bolster up, gulp down
    (5 compounds)

  29. いさむ
    クン, いさお
    meritorious deed, merit
    (3 compounds)

  30. ジュク, う.れる
    mellow, ripen, mature, acquire skill
    (12 compounds)

  31. モク, ボク, だま.る, もだ.す
    silence, become silent, stop speaking, leave as is
    (9 compounds)

  32. あた
    ネツ, あつ.い
    heat, temperature, fever, mania, passion
    (25 compounds)

  33. タツ
    foot warmer, (kokuji)
    (1 compound)

  34. トウ, ひ, ほ-, ともしび, とも.す, あかり
    nonstandard for J825
    (1 compound)

  35. シ, おこ.る, おこ.す, さかん
    kindling fire
    (1 compound)

  36. リン
    (1 compound)

  37. ネン, も.える, も.やす, も.す
    burn, blaze, glow
    (6 compounds)

  38. ソウ
    parch, dry up
    (3 compounds)

  39. ソク, ショク, ともしび
    light, candlepower
    (1 compound)

  40. ウ, イク, オウ, おき, あたたか.い
    (1 compound)

  41. サン, さん.たる, あき.らか, きらめ.く, きら.めく
    (3 compounds)

  42. セン, のび
    prairie fire
    (1 compound)

  43. クン, くす.べる, ふす.べる, いぶ.す, いぶ.る, くす.ぶる, くゆ.らす
    smoulder, fume, oxidize
    (3 compounds)

  44. バク, は.ぜる
    bomb, burst open, pop, split
    (8 compounds)

  45. ラン, ただ.れる
    be sore, inflamed, bleary, fester
    (5 compounds)

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