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Kanji with this 4 stroke radical :
  1. シン, こころ, -ごころ
    heart, mind, spirit
    (71 compounds)

  2. ボウ, モウ, いそが.しい, せわ.しい, おそ.れる, うれえるさま
    busy, occupied, restless
    (3 compounds)

  3. おし
    ニン, しの.ぶ, しの.ばせる
    endure, bear, put up with, conceal, secrete, spy, sneak
    (12 compounds)

  4. ジク, ジュウ, はじ.る
    (1 compound)

  5. コツ, たちま.ち, ゆるが.せ
    in a moment, instantly, all of a sudden, neglect, disregard
    (1 compound)

  6. きよし
    チュウ, たた, ただ, ただし, なお
    loyalty, fidelity, faithfulness
    (6 compounds)

  7. よし
    カイ, こころよ.い
    cheerful, pleasant, agreeable, comfortable
    (14 compounds)

  8. shame
    (1 compound)

  9. キョウ, コウ, ひる.む, おびえ.る, おじる, おび.える, おそ.れる
    cowardice, wince, flinch, hesitate, waver
    (2 compounds)

  10. フ, ホ, こわ.い, こわ.がる, お.じる, おそ.れる
    dreadful, be frightened, fearful
    (5 compounds)

  11. エン, オン, ウン, うら.む, うらみ, うら.めしい
    grudge, show resentment, be jealous
    (6 compounds)

  12. ド, ヌ, いか.る, おこ.る
    angry, be offended
    (9 compounds)

  13. カイ, ケ, あや.しい, あや.しむ
    suspicious, mystery, apparition
    (10 compounds)

  14. セイ, ショウ, さが
    sex, gender, nature
    (51 compounds)

  15. キュウ, いそ.ぐ, いそ.ぎ
    hurry, emergency, sudden, steep
    (36 compounds)

  16. ジョ, ショ, ゆる.す
    excuse, tolerate, forgive
    (1 compound)

  17. コウ, とぼ.ける, ほ.れる
    unclear, senile, stupid, joke
    (1 compound)

  18. カク, つつし.む
    (1 compound)

  19. ドウ, トウ, いた.む
    painful, fearful
    (1 compound)

  20. シ, ほしいまま
    selfish, arbitrary
    (2 compounds)

  21. コウ, カッ, チョウ, キョウ, あたか.も
    just as, as though, fortunately
    (2 compounds)

  22. コン, うら.む, うら.めしい
    regret, bear a grudge, resentment, malice, hatred
    (9 compounds)

  23. カイ, ケ, ひろ.い
    wide, large, enlarge
    (1 compound)

  24. きよ
    キョウ, うやうや.しい, やす, やすし, ゆき, よし
    respect, reverent
    (3 compounds)

  25. あや
    ケイ, エ, めぐ.む, めぐ.み, け, さと, さとし, しげ, へい, み, やす
    favor, blessing, grace, kindness
    (4 compounds)

  26. カイ, く.いる, く.やむ, くや.しい
    repent, regret
    (8 compounds)

  27. のぶ
    コウ, つね, つねに, ひさ, ひさし
    constancy, always
    (4 compounds)

  28. めぐみ
    grace, kindness, goodness, favor, mercy, blessing, benefit
    (16 compounds)

  29. キョウ, おそ.れる, おそ.る, おそ.ろしい, こわ.い, こわ.がる
    fear, dread, awe
    (9 compounds)

  30. とも
    テイ, ダイ, やす, やすし, よし, ちか
    serving our elders
    (1 compound)

  31. カン, たけし, あらし
    rough, clumsy, violent
    (3 compounds)

  32. clever
    (1 compound)

  33. ショウ, うれ.える
    (2 compounds)

  34. エツ, よろこ.ぶ, よろこ.ばす, よし
    ecstasy, joy, rapture
    (2 compounds)

  35. くろ
    カン, わずら.う
    afflicted, disease, suffer from, be ill
    (3 compounds)

  36. ノウ, なや.む, なや.ます, なや.ましい, なやみ
    trouble, worry, in pain, distress, illness
    (9 compounds)

  37. ゴ, さと.る
    enlightenment, perceive, discern, realize, understand
    (4 compounds)

  38. ユウ
    permanence, distant, long time, leisure
    (2 compounds)

  39. ク, おそ.れる
    None found.
    (2 compounds)

  40. スイ, せがれ, やつ.れる
    becoming emaciated, son
    (2 compounds)

  41. トウ, いた.む
    lament, grieve over
    (2 compounds)

  42. ふさ
    ソウ, いそが.しい, そうじて, そ
    (2 compounds)

  43. ただ
    イ, ユイ, おも.んみる, これ, おも.うに, よし, のぶ
    consider, reflect, think
    (1 compound)

  44. ワク, まど.う
    beguile, delusion, perplexity
    (10 compounds)

  45. コツ, ほけ.る, ほ.れる
    fall in love with, admire, grow senile
    (10 compounds)

  46. セキ, お.しい, お.しむ
    pity, be sparing of, frugal, stingy, regret
    (8 compounds)

  47. サン, ザン, みじ.め, いた.む, むご.い
    wretched, disaster, cruelty, harsh
    (10 compounds)

  48. ジョウ, セイ, なさ.け
    feelings, emotion, passion, sympathy, circumstances, facts
    (41 compounds)

  49. ガク, おどろ.く
    surprised, frightened
    (1 compound)

  50. ビン, ミン, あわ.れむ
    pity, mercy, compassion
    (1 compound)

  51. コウ, あわ.てる, あわ.ただしい
    disconcerted, be confused, lose one's head
    (4 compounds)

  52. ゆう
    ユ, たの.しい, たの.しむ
    pleasure, happy, rejoice
    (1 compound)

  53. lazy, laziness
    (4 compounds)

  54. ソウ, ソ, おも.う
    concept, think, idea, thought
    (15 compounds)

  55. シュウ, うれ.える, うれ.い
    distress, grieve, lament, be anxious
    (3 compounds)

  56. グ, おろ.か
    foolish, folly, absurdity, stupid
    (10 compounds)

  57. カン
    emotion, feeling, sensation
    (33 compounds)

  58. リツ, ふる.える, おそ.れる, おのの.く
    (1 compound)

  59. ソウ, いたま.しい, いた.む
    sad, pathetic
    (1 compound)

  60. ガイ
    rue, be sad, sigh, lament
    (2 compounds)

  61. ちか
    シン, つつし.む, つつし, つつし.み, のり, まこと, みつ
    humility, be careful, discrete, prudent
    (2 compounds)

  62. タイ, わざ.と
    attitude, condition, figure, appearance, voice (of verbs)
    (13 compounds)

  63. ヨク
    covetousness, greed, passion, desire, craving
    (2 compounds)

  64. ドウ, トウ, なげ.く
    be sad, grieve
    (1 compound)

  65. さと
    ケイ, エ, さとい, さとし, さとる, あきら, とし
    (1 compound)

  66. マン
    ridicule, laziness
    (3 compounds)

  67. カン, な.れる, な.らす
    accustomed, get used to, become experienced
    (8 compounds)

  68. ゾウ, にく.む, にく.い, にく.らしい, にく.しみ
    hate, detest
    (8 compounds)

  69. イ, なぐさ.める, なぐさ.む
    consolation, amusement, seduce, cheer, make sport of, comfort, console
    (9 compounds)

  70. ハイ, ヘイ, つか.れる
    (1 compound)

  71. ギン, キン, なまじ.い
    (1 compound)

  72. ケイ, いこ.い, いこ.う
    recess, rest, relax, repose
    (2 compounds)

  73. ショウ, トウ, ドウ, あこが.れる
    yearnafter, long for, aspire to, admire, adore
    (1 compound)

  74. ショウ, セウ, ソウ, やつ.れる, やせ.る
    get thin
    (1 compound)

  75. ヒョウ, つ.く, つか.れる, よ.る, たの.む
    possess, haunt
    (2 compounds)

  76. ビン, ミン, あわれ.む, うれ.える
    anxiety, mercy
    (2 compounds)

  77. レン, あわ.れむ, あわ.れ
    pity, have mercy, sympathise, compassion
    (2 compounds)

  78. フン, いきどお.る
    aroused, resent, be indignant, anger
    (9 compounds)

  79. タン
    calm, quiet, move
    (1 compound)

  80. オク
    recollection, think, remember
    (3 compounds)

  81. コン, ねんご.ろ
    sociable, kind, courteous, hospitable, cordial
    (8 compounds)

  82. かね
    カイ, エ, ふところ, なつ.かしい, なつ.かしむ, なつ.く, なつ.ける, なず.ける, いだ.く, おも.う
    pocket, feelings, heart, yearn, miss someone, become attached to, bosom, breast
    (12 compounds)

  83. チョウ, こ.りる, こ.らす, こ.らしめる
    penal, chastise, punish, discipline
    (4 compounds)

  84. ケン, ケ, か.ける, か.かる
    suspend, hang, 10%, install, depend, consult
    (11 compounds)

  85. ザン, サン, くい.る
    None found.
    (1 compound)

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