Printing the Cards

While the most recent version of Java supports printing from within an application, some popular browsers still don't support Java printing yet. You can create your own paper flashcards from the Java Kanji Flashcard list using one of our HTML pages.

Japanese Browsers

If your computer can display and print Japanese: (日本語読めますか?) Then you can use our Japanese pages.

Here is a sample page to test your browser and show how the printed card might look.

Here is an HTML listing of all 500 kanji in the program, along with their readings and sample compounds. This is a very large, SJIS ecoded file. You will need a Japanese browser to see the complete list.

Older Browsers

If the sample of Japanese text above looked like junk, then you will have to use our GIF-based pages. These won't look as nice when you print them, but they should work on any browser.

The GIF-based pages are under construction.