Java Kanji Flashcards 500


The Java Kanji Flashcard 500 project is designed to help students of written Japanese learn the 500 most commonly occuring Chinese characters, or kanji. This Java applet displays Japanese in any browser that supports Java 1.0. You do not need a Japanese browser or operating system to study these kanji.

Each kanji character is displayed on a "card" containing a large kanji character, its on and kun readings, an English meaning, and a stroke order animation. There are also Kanji compounds (using only the 500 target kanji) with their readings and English meanings. You can choose what is displayed on the "front" and "back" of the card to suit your preferences. (see the help page for more information.)

The program has three modes:

  1. Browse, which lets you look at all of the cards,
  2. Search, which lets you search for a card using English or romaji
  3. Drill, which allows you to review a subset of the cards