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Kanji with this 5 stroke radical :
  1. さかん
    モク, ボク, め, -め, ま-, さがん, さっか, さつか
    eye, class, look, insight, experience, care, favor
    (102 compounds)

  2. とも
    グ, そな.える, つぶさ.に
    tool, utensil, means, possess, ingredients, counter for armor, suits, sets of furniture
    (26 compounds)

  3. ビョウ, ミョウ, びょう.たる, すがめ
    minuteness, squint
    (1 compound)

  4. ミン, ねむ.る, ねむ.い
    sleep, die, sleepy
    (10 compounds)

  5. ゲン, カン, げん.す, くるめ.く, まぶ.しい, くら.む, まど.う, めま.い
    faint, dizzy
    (2 compounds)

  6. チョウ, なが.める
    stare, watch, look at, see, scrutinize
    (1 compound)

  7. ケン, かえり.みる
    look around, regard affectionately
    (1 compound)

  8. ガン, ゲン, まなこ, め
    (23 compounds)

  9. セイ, ショウ, ひとみ
    pupil of the eye
    (1 compound)

  10. ショウ, まつげ
    (1 compound)

  11. むつ
    ボク, モク, むつ.まじい, むつ.む, むつ.ぶ, ちか, よし, あつ, む, むね
    intimate, friendly, harmonious
    (4 compounds)

  12. ただ
    トク, ただし
    coach, command, urge, lead, supervise
    (4 compounds)

  13. ゲイ, にら.む, にら.み
    glaring at, authority, power, scowl at
    (2 compounds)

  14. スイ
    drowsy, sleep, die
    (3 compounds)

  15. メイ, ベン, ミョウ, ミン, メン, めい.する, つぶ.る, つむ.る, くら.い
    sleep, dark, close eyes
    (1 compound)

  16. マン, モン, バン, ボン, だま.す
    (1 compound)

  17. ベツ, ヘツ
    glance at
    (1 compound)

  18. あきら
    ドウ, トウ, ひとみ
    (1 compound)

  19. カン, み.る
    look, see
    (1 compound)

  20. シュン, またた.く
    wink, blink, twinkle
    (5 compounds)

  21. ケン, まぶた
    (1 compound)

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