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rice field
Kanji with this 5 stroke radical :
  1. いなか
    デン, た, おか, たん, で, とう, や
    rice field, rice paddy
    (10 compounds)

  2. チョウ, まち
    village, town, block, street
    (11 compounds)

  3. ダン, ナン, おとこ, お
    (18 compounds)

  4. カイ
    (16 compounds)

  5. イ, おそ.れる, かしこ.まる, かしこ, かしこ.し
    fear, majestic, graciously, be apprehensive
    (4 compounds)

  6. stomach, paunch, crop, craw
    (9 compounds)

  7. シ, おも.う, おもえら.く, おぼ.す
    (35 compounds)

  8. ぐろ
    ハン, あぜ
    paddy-ridge, levee
    (1 compound)

  9. とめ
    リュウ, ル, と.める, と.まる, とど.める, とど.まる, るうぶる
    detain, fasten, halt, stop
    (21 compounds)

  10. ルイ
    accumulate, involvement, trouble, tie up, continually
    (5 compounds)

  11. リャク, ほぼ, おか.す, おさ.める, はかりごと, はか.る, はぶ.く, りゃく.す, りゃく.する
    abbreviation, omission, outline, shorten, capture, plunder
    (20 compounds)

  12. イ, こと, こと.なる
    uncommon, queerness, strangeness, wonderful, curious, unusual
    (30 compounds)

  13. ルイ, ライ, スイ, とりで
    bases, fort, rampart, walls, base(ball)
    (5 compounds)

  14. ジョウ, チョウ, たた.む, たたみ, かさ.なる
    tatami mat, counter for tatami mats, fold, shut up, do away with
    (10 compounds)

  15. difference, strange, cripple
    (1 compound)

  16. ドウ, ジョウ, なぶ.る
    sport with, ridicule, tease
    (1 compound)

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